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Mi nombre es Anna Olivares, farmacéutica dedicada a los ensayos clínicos. Como algunos de vosotros, soy corredora amateur de trail de larga distancia desde hace ya unos años.

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Chronicle 1 minute to the start, the lights go out and we turn on the headlamps, hugs, the last mohican sounding, nerves and respect for the challenge ahead. Countdown and the start of one of the most emblematic trailrunning races.  This edition had a similar route to the 2019 edition, in which I retired at km 72.  This year, the first 6 km were by forest track, keeping a steady pace I arrived Rebost (AV1) a few minutes before the forecast I had planned, I didn't need anything, so I passed by and faced one of the most emblematic and hardest climbs of the race towards the Niu de l'Àliga, the highest point of the race. A spectacular atmosphere makes me cut 15 ...
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