My goals and motivations

Me hacen feliz las cosas sencillas de la vida. Me encanta estar en la montaña, en el bosque, en la playa... Eso sí, siempre haciendo algo que me hace sudar :) Mi pasión ahora mismo es el trailrunning, descubriendo los bonitos rincones de nuestro mundo.

My physical characteristics

My height

1.66 m

My weight

58 kg

My clothing size


My birthplace


My favourite brands


Suunto Spartan Sport

2017-03-01 00:00:00

#suunto #spartansport

Suunto is a Finnish brand of dive computers, compasses, precision instruments and sports watches. The majority of the work stages of their products are still handcrafted. Most of the people who run on trails or in the mountains know this brand and many of us wear one of their watches on our wrist when exploring new tracks or just when recording our everyday trainings. Firs Impressions: What a happiness when I opened the box and found myself with this pretty pink GPS watch! When I saw the big screen, I thought that this baby is going to feel heavy on the wrist but surprisingly it’s lighter than the Ambit watches. The colourful touchscreen is super chic and the silicon wristband m...

#thermoball #thenorthface

I felt all excited when the package arrived at my doorstep: finally, I would get to try this new jacket that I had heard so much about. The first feeling when touching the piece was that it actually feels like down. The design is cool, has a nice female cut an...

BV SPORT Light One Socks

2016-10-21 00:00:00

#marthakazi #bvsport #runnerinn

First Impressions: So this time the product to try was a pair of pink compression socks from BV SPORT. To be honest with you readers, I don’t usually buy technical socks. I’m the kind of person that just buys those cheapest cotton socks, because:...

S-LAB Wings Unisex

2016-06-30 00:00:00

#myxrun #salomon #wings

There is no mountaineer who doesn´t know Salomon, founded in France in 1947. They began designing skiing material but in the most recent years they have become a brand linked with material for mountain runners. First Impressions: They are beautiful t...


2016-06-28 00:00:00

#gorunnerinn #inov-8 #Racelite

Inov 8 is a british business, founded in 2003. We know them for their minimalist trainers but also for the clothes and backpacks they produce for trail running. First Glance: Its more than a backpack, it’s a vest, as the name tells us in English. It ...
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