My goals and motivations

Mi objetivo es pasa el mayor tiempo posible en la montaña. La actividad en concreto es solo una excusa, aunque tengo mis preferencias: Me apasiona correr en verano y esquiar (skimo) en invierno. Si las condiciones son buenas, el alpinismo ligero es lo que más me aporta siempre. Me gusta competir contra mi mismo, ver hasta dónde puedo llegar. Las carreras son los objetivos que me hacen estar siempre motivado para entrenar cada dia más!!

My physical characteristics

My height

1,80 m

My weight

70 kg

My clothing size


My birthplace


My favourite brands


#coreevo #adrian

Great feelings from the beginning!!! I must say I´m not a fan of the typical supercompressive cloths that seem to be best-sellers right now. Those type of very compressive tights make me feel very uncomfortable after some kilometers. For sure, I wouldn´t choose them for long-distance racing. However, the Coreevo Shorts are just compressive enough, but not too much. They give a very nice feeling while running, keeping the moist out and being really breathable. Fit, compression and breathless They fit like a glove on the hand. Very fine fabric, which does not compress too much. One doesn´t get the feeling other compression cloths give. Very breathable. The Coreevo Shorts ...

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Being me, a runner who tends to choose discrete, really simple and light (almost floating) trainers, I must admit at a first glance, the Olympus 2.0 from Altra almost frightened me. You have to realize that they are trainers with a zero drop, but with a 36mm s...
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