Mes objectifs et motivations

Nos encanta sumar kilómetros sobre la bicicleta, ya sea para movernos o por la ciudad, entrenar o viajar. Descubrir lugares sobre dos ruedas te permite disfrutarlos de una manera mucho más próxima con el entorno. También estamos en:

Mes caractéristiques physiques

Ma taille

1,70 m

Mon poids

69 kg

Ma taille de vêtements


Mon lieu de naissance

Catalunya (España)

Mes marques préférées


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After a few days with our bikes and the Chinese visa stamped on the passport, we rode a small circular route around the country, to see if we could find anything else – direction west. Once we got out of town alive, traffic disappeared and some cows appeared in the middle of the road, that's a good sign. Dogs became aggressive and it seemed that bikes got them even more nervous. The secret, keep the same pace and never look at them while your heart is beating faster... Just before the end of the day, we've got a pleasant surprise: A herd of camels were grazing beside us, so we stopped to take some pictures. The road went up and down because ot the geography of the coun...


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27.03: The day has come, so after making photos … we started cycling from Girona to Figueres, to visit family that lives there before leaving … However, complications arose, the flu virus left Paula KO for a few days. 4.04: A base of soup and ...
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