My goals and motivations

Aún no tenía tres días que mis abuelos tuvieron que protegerme de la nieve para llevarme a casa. Desde muy pequeña mi vida ha girado alrededor de la montaña, ya sea con unos esquís en los pies, unos pies de gato o simplemente andando. La montaña es mi pasión y se ha convertido en mi forma de vida.

My physical characteristics

My height

1,70 m

My weight

59 kg

My clothing size


My birthplace


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The outfit is ideal for snow-packed excursion days in the Aran Valley, along with a good down jacket for those February powdery days in the Alps. The equipment includes the innovative FuseForm™ technology that has allowed the combination of different quality and density fabrics without the need for seams. This results in a lighter and more comfortable garment because it combines areas of greater elasticity and breathability with areas which are more resistent to abrasion and weathering. It is also made up of  DryVent™ 3L which is totally waterproof and windproof. These fabrics are manufactured for top level performance; they're extremely du...

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We started very early, but we didn’t know exactly how long it would take us. We wore lightweight clothing so that we would be able to go faster. We would modify our route according to the time of year and the snow conditions. In our case, we had ideal co...
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