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Esquí, alpinismo, escalada... esta es mi forma de descubrir el entorno que me rodea. Compartir una actividad en la montaña con amigos, para mi, la mejor manera de pasar un día.

My physical characteristics

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1.77 m

My weight

67 kg

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#guillemgarciasala #vignemale #trekkinn #climbing

So, the 12th of August, we were embarked between lateral walls with a drill, four batteries, some thirty “spits”, a dozen of various “pitons” (especially ultra-flat), two camming device of “friends” and one camming device of “aliens” and “micros” in a trip that would last for two days. [medio_post] At the end of this adventure, a maintained way given the name " Si no vols pols no vagis a l’era ", challenging and a point of exposure that could not lack a path of the Vignemale, At the end, laughing and joking we think thant we can classify it as "neoclassical". The way has a difficulty degree of 7a+/...
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