My goals and motivations

Todos los deportes me encantan pero correr el que más, prefiero las distancias largas y el asfalto, pero no le digo que no a ninguna carrera. Otra de mis pasiones es ayudar a los demás a conseguir sus objetivos, he hecho de PaceMaker oficial en la media y la maratón de Barcelona.

My physical characteristics

My height

1,75 m

My weight

74 kg

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The get-together was held at 19:00 in Tradeinn, Rambla. Despite the late hour, we had no need of lights because the training took place in lit venues. About 30 people came for the test. As the runners arrived they were assigned a Pegasus. These shoes were to be used in the first part of the test. Once everyone was wearing them, David the employee from Nike, explained the features of the two shoes: 34 Pegasus: A shoe that we can term all-terrain, suitable both for competition training and can be used for any distance. They are characterized by being very cushioned, free of seams and with great breathability. Zomm Fly: a model made for going fast, very fast. Nike designed these for gr...

#WhyIRunBarcelona #danisoriano

At 8:15pm on Thursday the doors of Montjuïc Castle (Barcelona) were opened (Barcelona), after going through the doors and collecting our rhythm bracelet which we had previously been assigned to you, we entered the arms courtyard where Carles Castillejo &a...
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