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"No todo es correr pero correr lo es todo." Mi receta personal para seguir Corriendo a 3´30" es cultivar una fuerza de voluntad férrea, mucho amor propio y una dosis de locura que repose en un lecho de sonrisas. Y dejar que el resto fluya a temperatura ambiente.

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Women´s Winter Training Camp

2019-03-12 00:00:00


Domini d’Isards is located in Espinavell, municipality of Molló (Ripollès) in Vall de Camprodon, within the province of Girona. That's where Domini d'Isards is located: a trail running station, which is a project run by Eva Martinez. The day began with a welcome from Eva Martinez (founder of Domini d'Isards) and Laia Andreu (professional athlete and European Snowshoe Champion). After accommodation in the shelter’s respective rooms, initial greetings and introductions, the training began. Laia had prepared for us a strength circuit with 12 stations, where we worked out the muscles in our legs, abdomen and upper torso. The best strength training se...
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