Mes objectifs et motivations

He convertido mi pasión por el deporte y mi formación en nutrición humana y dietética en mi trabajo y hobby, disfrutando cada día de la planificación deportiva desde el deportista amateur, al apasionado de la larga distáncia al atleta de élite en competiciones a nivel mundial.

Mes caractéristiques physiques

Ma taille


Mon poids


Ma taille de vêtements

Mon lieu de naissance

Mes marques préférées


What effects are attributed to caffeine? It is known to reduce fatigue, increase the attention span and strength in sportspeople and, because of this, it increases sporting performance. Because of these advantages, which have been scientifically proved in the practice of sports, there are currently all kinds of supplements available: gels, bars, tablets, powders, shots, drinks… that contain this substance which we can obtain easily and without the need for a medical prescription. Nonetheless, caffeine is also present in other “foods” which, at times, we are not aware of and we may go beyond the maximum health and tolerable caffeine limits, for example, in cold dri...

2019-09-20 00:00:00


The Metabolic Window is the maximum time we have for an optimum recovery after a training session or competition. In this time, it is very important to replace the nutrients we have used during physical exercise, since this will be when our body assimilates...

Hydration and sports performance

2019-06-27 13:49:36


Hydration is more important than caloric intake itself, just as how although we could live several weeks without eating, we could only live a few days without hydrating. It is usually said that you can practice physical exercise for 90 minutes without food ...
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