Mes objectifs et motivations

Me encantan el bosque y la montaña y, aunque sea a nivel amateur, pisarlos corriendo, caminando o a pedales. A ratos libres también intento jugar a baloncesto, aunque no sé si lo consigo. ¿Mi objetivo en el deporte? Divertirme.

Mes caractéristiques physiques

Ma taille


Mon poids


Ma taille de vêtements


Mon lieu de naissance


Mes marques préférées


Okay go ahead and say it, I’m not really an athlete. I do sport, it's true, but light years (or miles and miles) from what would qualify as a sportsman these days. I just try to do as much sport as I possibly can. Yes, as a good amateur and one who is in a full-on mid-life crisis, one likes to be well equipped!  But finally, and above all, I like to have information on what I'm doing, whether it be for a personal analysis, or to share. And a sports watch is perfect for that, actually almost mandatory.  About six months ago, I strapped the Vantage V to my wrist for the first time. As I have said, I am not an athlete, so I will not make an ultra-technical review, ...
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