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Ex atleta de alto rendimiento en grupos de competición de tenis, apasionado del padel y de cualquier deporte de raqueta. Top 10 a nivel territorial en numerosas ocasiones y ganador de más de 20 torneos a nivel federado. Licenciado en economía y actualmente entrenador de grupos de competición de pádel, deporte que sigo practicando y mejorando día a día.

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Review: Wilson Paddle paddles

2020-02-03 15:48:29

PRO-STAFF TOUR The Pro-Staff Tour is designed for advanced-level or professional players. It contains pro-density foam and is medium-balanced - this is normal for round-shaped paddles - making it ideal for players looking for ultimate control and precision. Thanks to the paddle’s low weight (365g) and sharp hole technology - the latter is ideal for enhancing all types of shots - this paddle is both easy to use and effective at the net. All paddles belonging to the Pro-Staff Tour range are made with graphite, making them more resistant than classic carbon paddles. Performance: 8/10 Level of Control: 9.5/10 Ease of Use: 8.5/10   PRO-STAFF The Pro-Staff is designed f...
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