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Psicólogo del deporte, actualmente trabajando en Mallorca Sport Medicine y en la cantera del C.E. Constancia como psicólogo del deporte y realizando una colaboración con MENT. Defensor de los valores y triatleta amateur.

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2020-04-21 11:39:08

For this reason, today I will try and contribute something regarding this topic, some tips of how to generate the habit to continue training, in the event you already did so, or to start to do so for those who, up until now, have not done sport. Just like before this lockdown, we were driven by objectives: a training routine, a race that motivated us, a route that we really wanted to do etc. Now we should do the same, which is why, the principle would be to set an objective, my recommendation is a timetable. Having a routine in our day to day encourages us to keep an eye on an objective: cooking, training, watching a film, etc. and it also provides us with lots of boosts during the day, s...
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