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Joseba Cercas. Fundador y Master Coach en The Swimet y técnico especialista de producto de HEAD. En 2007 un accidente casi le deja sin una pierna, gracias a la natación pudo rehabilitarse y desde entonces decidió volcar su vida profesional en el agua fundando la empresa de entrenamiento y investigación The Swimet.

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HEAD OW Pure FS 3.0,5

2020-12-14 14:01:14

BODY POSITION: Clearly one of the benefits of this wetsuit is the position in which it places the swimmer's body. There are wetsuits that float more, like the Head Black Marlin, but sometimes for swimmers with good technique they float too much and the swimmer has to modify their stroke too much to adapt to the wetsuit. In my opinion, the position offered by the Head Pure is perfect for a swimmer with good technique, since the variations to be made in the mechanics of the breaststroke, and especially in the extension of the arm in the water, are few and very subtle. . The combination of its flat Aircel structure of 3.5mm from the neck to the knees + 2mm from the knees to the ankle in its...

TECHNIQUE To face the swimming section of the 140.6inn triathlon we must have a good technical base, which allows us to spend the minimum amount of energy necessary and which, in addition, helps us to slide in the water, in the most efficient way. You have ...
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