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Salomon QUEST 4D 2 GTX for light trekking

Published on 02/11/2016 00:00

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An excellent shoe for light trekking. Recommended for expert hikers and amateur sportsmen and women who do not want to neglect lightness on their hikes. An excellent shoe for trekking and hiking; light, resistant, with an ideal grip on all surfaces. Adapted also for climbing routes with rocks and easy mountain ridges.


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The first sensation one has is to have in one’s hands a very light product. But, at the same time, it is resistant and has great flexibility.The fitting is precise, but is not not uncomfortable; the sole offers a strong grip on all surfaces.

Laces and fitting
The fitting is very precise, but comfortable thanks to the Sensi Fit system, which is adapted to the shape of the foot. I advise getting at least half a size bigger fitting than normal to have greater comfort. The shoe has been made from highly resistant nabuk leather. The tongue is not dangling free, but is joined to the shoe by means of bellows tongue– a mechanism that impedes dust and debris from entering the boot. Its HIGH profile  optimally protects the ankle. Its robust laces with a locking mechanism above the ankle allow you to tighten the boot – thus allowing you to continue all the precise movements.

Amortization and comfort
The lightness of the boot makes it adaptable to long and demanding trekking, but it is also an excellent product also for those who are satisfied with  briefer trips. The construction in GoreTex Performance Comfort Footwear membrane is resistant against water and mud – leaving excellent respirability and your feet dry. It is by far the best material for those who live in the open air! The inside is contoured with EVA insole and offers excellent amortization without neglecting good anatomical support. The rubber tip and heel are strengthened with glue for protecting the points of the fingers. The OrthoLite foam sole is perfectly combined with the midsole in EVA giving greater amortization, thus enabling control of the dampness, while keeping the feet dry.


Sole Adherence
The boot is endowed with an excellent sole and optimal grip. It also gives an ideal feeling on uneven terrain thanks to the great amortization qualities of the sole. There is total comfort even on damp ground and the grip is always precise and secure. Also, on very demanding terrain such as climbing routes and rock ridges, the boot has not had any difficulty in following my movements and in maintaining an exceptional grip. 

Besides, the 4D Advanced Châssis of the sole guarantees good flexibility and propulsion, and also provides the right sturdiness and the necessary rigidity for demanding terrain. 

Working together with the midsole, it is adaptable to different terrains, thus reducing fatigue and increasing comfort. The soles are made in Non- Marking Contagrip –  a specific grip that adapts to every type of terrain.

Protection and Stability 
The comfortable high fitting protects the ankle well and also holds it firm on uneven ground. The rubber protection of the heel and the tip of the foot protect it from impacts from stones.  Always very stable thanks to the 4D Advanced Châssis sole that copies very well the ruggedness of the terrain.

Impermeability to Breathability
The GoreTex Performance Comfort Footwear is the irreplaceable membrane to create modern mountain footwear. In fact, the Goretex facilitates an incredible resistance to water, but preserves great breathability that keeps both sweat away and the foot dry.

The ideal user of this shoe is definitely a person who wants to face some demanding walking routes, but who moves at an  elevated rhythm to cover great distances. And it is certainly adaptable to those who also wish to face less ademanding trekking with a very light product. 

*optimal traction
*robustness of the upper material
*foot comfort
*flexibility of the sole with optimal propulsion

*The only negative aspect that I have noticed is that the laces tend to become undone.

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