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René tests Ho Soccer Aquagrip Gen8

Published on 26/10/2016 00:00

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The best sensations of comfort, cushioning and grip unite in the “Aguagrip gen8, even in rainy days.


Technical assessment







Wrist strap


Dry grip


Wet grip


Years pass, seasons pass, collections pass,... But there is something that does not change in the HO Soccer catalogue The Aquagrip model has become the flagship fetish glove of the brand. A model which is now in its 8th generation, and which remains unchanged in its identity: flat cut with duo wavy inside (in the first collections it was smooth) and Megagrip latex.

The Palm
The palm is made from high end Duo Megagrip Latex from the brand itself, 4mm thick with a 1mm inner layer of latex. In my opinion this is the most equipped glove on the market, with a palm thickness much thicker than most brands, which provides us with more cushioning.  To this a fine layer of wavy latex is added to the inside face, which makes the glove and the hand one, and stops the hand from “dancing” inside the glove in each grip. This allows for much more secure and precise grips.

The back
Is the only part of the glove which has been altered through different collections, but without taking away from the classic style which characterizes this model without major technological contributions.

This glove has a natural latex back with a great thickness (5mm latex + 3mm foam) made from 4 individual pieces: one central and 3 over the fingers. This last piece has the most impact when performing blockages, giving the thumb, index and middle finger more freedom, and protecting the middle fingers from the impact of the ball.

On the other hand, the Duo latex has one handicap: the hand can perspire more than normal. Because of this, Ho Soccer has mounted the glove on a special high transpiration fabric which helps in the keep perspiration and evaporation outside the glove.


The closure
The closure system is composed of an elastic strap of 9cm and a classic wide latex strip, with three attachment points. All of this, combined with the exclusive MAS (micro adjustable strap) system patented by Ho Soccer, allows for maximum fit of the back of the glove.

Profile of the player who would recommend the glove:
As I mentioned before, this is the most equipped glove on the market. I recommend it for goalkeepers who like the fleeing of protection for the hand, and who are looking for a feeling of great security in blocking the most powerful shots, even in the most severe weather conditions.

Strong points:
*Armed end of the glove with large absorbent of impact for the most powerful shots
*Great fit to the hand, both from the MAS closure, and the latex interior
*Excellent performance in adverse weather conditions

Weak points:
*Closure: the latex tape is too wide
*High perspiration of the hand when the weather is very hot.

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