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Ameo PowerBreather Wave

Published on 10/11/2016 00:00

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Innovation helps improve swimming technique and the impressive design hides a good working tool, which will leave both swimmers that are looking for a versatile front swimming tube and “snorkelling” lovers excited.


Technical assessment







Entrance H20


Expulsion H20




When using it for the first time the sensations are strange, but after swimming with it 3 times, it becomes a lot easier and after several uses, I can tell you that this tube is ideal for long technique sessions or breathing control.

Its use for different styles:
Its use for different styles is a little complicated, since you have to adapt the tube to the swimming style that you will be doing, by adjusting the length and inclination. These changes can be made using the accessories that have been included. In my opinion, if you carry out the adaptations correctly, the tube can be perfect for all styles.

The tube is really comfortable and is less noticeable when swimming than it seems. Its hydrodynamics are also very good and do not cause any extra resistance during swimming.

The accessories that you can add on are very versatile and allow you to modify the tube to adapt it to a set workout, your own way of swimming or to the environment. (Open water, swimming pool, lake, etc.…).

In total there are 7 accessories:
*2 pairs of tube extenders, with which you can choose the height you want the air to enter. For example; for breaststroke or butterfly we need to use the long extender and for crawl the short one.

*2 perforated ends: with which you can reduce the amount of water that enters the tube to the minimum or reduce the amount of air that enters, when you want to work with an oxygen deficit.

*1 unperforated end that can help you in specific training exercises or that can plug the side of the tube which often gets hit by waves, when swimming in open water.

Without the use of accessories, rhythmic breathing and low pulsation is quite good and allows you to swim very comfortably, but when you increase these, it gets complicated.


Target profile:
I would recommend it to swimmers that want to fine tune their training or those that wish to do long stretches in open water, forgetting side breathing.

*Good fit

*Comfort when the back strap is adjusted
*Comfort when using the mouthpiece

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1,90 m

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85 kg

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Superacion personal: iniciandome en la competición con 1.80 de altura y 130kg, ahora con 1.90 de altura y 85k el objetivo es aumentar masa muscular. Con ganas de la Titan Desert y mejorar posiciones en la liga de triatlón. Me encantan las largas salidas en bici de carretera o btt para descubrir la belleza de nuestras tierras

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