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The new Ikarus, radically reworked!

Published on 21/12/2016 00:00

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HO SOCCER celebrates its 15th anniversary and, in honour of this, has completely renewed its collection. Most notable of all is its renewal of what has been its flagship model in recent years - the ghotta. This line has been perhaps the most productive and symbolic of the brand since its launch in the 2010/2011 season. So, a lot of pressure rests on this new Ikarus model, a radical rennovation with all the feel of its predecessor, but now loaded with new improvements and advances.


Technical assessment







Wrist strap


Dry grip


Wet grip


The Palm:
This model's palm was new in 2013 and it has been very successful in successive seasons. The brand has kept this in its collection, innovating it with Extreme Grip 4 mm + 3mm foam latex, a natural compound that includes a few small rubber particles to provide greater strength, durability and grip when it is used in training and matches.

From the first time we tested it, we obtained an amazing level of grip, both in the dry, but even moreso when wet, as we tested it on natural grass and with a fairly high humidity level.  However, like all gloves, after 3-4 uses is when we get the optimal performance that we can expect it to provide.

One of the novelties of Ikarus is the insertion of a small rubber area at the base of the palm called AAS System, which is an anti-abrasion system that manages to protect the latex during falls, although we may lose a small area of grip in the palm of the hand.

Mounted in a hybrid cut, which will provide us with greater sensitivity when the ball is held by the middle fingers with the negative cut, and greater contact surface for the ring and pinky fingers when wearing a rollfinger cut.


The back:
We find the best innovation of this new model on this part of the glove. HO SOCCER is trying to end the robustness that had been achieved in the ghotta model with the addition of the previous PAS system (Punch Assist Control), an effective system which gave the impression that it was a totally independent area of the glove. To do this, the glove is mounted over a neoprene body, into which is injected the novel GEL 3D SYSTEM, making it an area to assist with fist strikes, giving greater ergonomics to the glove with respect to its predecessor. This corrects or increases the protection of the hand against humidity, creating a much more impermeable and more comfortable glove.

The rest of the back (base + thumb) is 5 mm natural latex and 3 mm of foam that increases the glove's protection, as it wraps and protects the thumb, giving it full freedom of movement with respect to the rest of the hand.

The wristband:
A small modification can be very useful for a glove, and we have the proof of that in the wristband and in the new Ikarus's fastening system.

A 9 cm wristband, as is usual in HO SOCCER, but in this case it combines two materials: neoprene, to waterproof the wrist area and regulate the temperature of the hand inside the glove, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions, and Elastic material at the back of the wristband for an optimum fit, and to avoid the folds that were produced with the previous models when adjusting the glove.

With a 3-anchor strip to fasten it, it's much thinner and narrower and more comfortable.

Added to all of this is a reworking of the traditional and characteristic closure of Ho Soccer. The previous MAS (Micro Adjustable System) gives way to a new generation of Micro Strap 3D, completely rubberized and finished in a drop shape, which makes it much easier to adjust the glove while wearing it.

HO Soccer, one of the brands that invests and advances most in R&D, makes a leap in quality and improves the most productive model of its collection in recent years, resulting in a glove with the same sensations and advantages as its predecessor, but with extra comfort, and that protects the hand better from the most adverse weather conditions, such as humidity and cold.

Strong points:
*Ergonomics: We're looking at one of the most comfortable, best-fitting gloves on the market.
*Fastening: HO Soccer has improved in this aspect, allowing a better fit of this almost-perfect glove.
*Grip: the extreme grip latex provides a phenomenal grip in any weather conditions and offer us greater durability with its embedded rubber particles.

Weak points:
It's all a matter of personal taste, but for me, the anti-abrasion system on the palm; this is an area that will not extend the life of the glove very much longer than if it didn't have this system, but for me it's still a slight grey area when tryiing to block. 


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