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Freestyle swim snorkel - Finis

Published on 02/01/2017 00:00

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Get swimming! The swim snorkel is a swimming accessory that will make beginners feel safer, and improve efficiency when training at advanced levels. 


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One of the best water accessories for helping you to improve your swimming is the central swim snorkel. I recommend using it to all those who are starting out on the swimming scene, and don’t feel comfortable breathing sideways. I also recommend it for working on your crawl technique. In addition, it is a great solution for people who have neck problems and cannot or should not turn their heads constantly.

First impressions:
It takes a little getting used to at the beginning, at it's yet another accessory to remember (first the swimming cap, then goggles and now the swim snorkel), and also something that we have to adjust our breathing to as well.

Just like when we use a snorkel to explore the deep sea, we have to inhale and exhale through the mouth. All of us have taken in a gulp through the nose the first time we used it. So, if you have difficulty adapting, I recommend that you use a nose clip, although it would be a good idea to remove it from time to time in order to learn to close the nasal passage when breathing through the mouth.

With a little practice, you will get used to it and you will see that it's a great tool for improving your technique.  Getting full visual feedback of the posture and trajectory of our hands and arms under water allows us to rapidly adjust our movements. Moreover, while wearing it we do not have to turn our head to breathe, which allows us to relax more while swimming, and to breathe rhythmically and freely.


Use in different styles / effectiveness and comfort
It is very easy to put on, you just have to place it in front of your goggles with the support on your forehead, and then adjust it to fit your head from behind.

Sometimes the movements we make when doing the crawl and the coordination of our arms and the rest of our body make difficult for us to keep our attention on one or several points of our swimming technique. When using the swim snorkel, we remove the hindrances that can be caused by breathing wrong or not coordinating the movements of the body, and we can focus on working on our technical skills, especially arm strokes or floating. 

Swimmers can use the snorkel when doing the crawl and butterfly stroke, but it is not meant for practising the backstroke or breast stroke. We can work on specific exercises for rolls, slicing the water, grip and traction. We will be able to pay more attention to the hand-wrist-arm-ankle relationship in the water. For this reason I can confirm that it is an effective and comfortable accessory. When working on speed and resistance, we are better able to focus on breathing and strengthening our diaphragm muscles.

Water entering the tube, and ease of expulsion
Due to the angle of the tube, we may feel like the air inlet is close to the surface of the water and this can make us raise our head slightly, which can result in water entering the tube. This model of swim snorkel in particular does not have the valve that expels water easily and quickly, thus we have to learn to try to swim without splashing too much.

Accessories, their function and my opinion.
In general the snorkel has a hydrodynamic design, it can be worn correctly with swimming googles and it offers perfect stability at both high and low speeds.

My first impressions of the mouthpiece of the tube were very good:
The mouthpiece is soft, comfortable and flexible. For its correct use and preservation, we should swim with a relaxed mouth, without biting it, and clean it with fresh water after each use.

The tube is versatile and stays in place well even in turns, but it is too long and curved for me.

The head support is adjustable and very comfortable, I recommend that it should be used over a swimming cap.

I recommend the product to swimmers:
*Who are beginners and do not feel comfortable breathing sideways.
*Who tend to sink too much when swimming.
*Who want to work on their crawl and butterfly stroke techniques.
*With neck problems.

*Light and practical.

*Difficulty to let out water due to the lack of a valve.
*The length of the tube forces the head and neck to remain at an angle.
*The air you inhale is the same that you exhale.

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