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TGCBINN and ‘Tradeinn’ have signed a co-branded de

Published on 31/01/2017 00:00

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Club Triatló Girona Costa Brava’ (Triathlon club) and ‘Tradeinn’ have signed a ´co-branded´ deal for the coming years. This macro-collaboration agreement between the company and the club guarantees an important economic contribution that will be used to consolidate and create new sports and social projects.


The Club Triatló Girona Costa Brava Tradeinn was established in January 2017.

Barcelona, January 2017. - Triatló Girona Costa Brava Club's Board of Directors and the online giant in sporting equipment sales Tradeinn, based in Celrà (Girona), signed a co-branded agreement this January for the following seasons. The aim of this major historic agreement for the Girona region's sports is to consolidate and give impetus to the activities that this triathlon club, based in the city of Girona, has been doing since 1999.

The relationship between the two organizations began in late 2015, when Tradeinn became the main sponsor of the TGCB. At the end of 2016, the managers of the company, satisfied with the results and the good synchronisation between the organizations, decided to go a step further and create the brand 'Club Triatló Girona Costa Brava Tradeinn'.

Tradeinn has announced that it will provide a significant economic figure, for at least the next four seasons. Both parties have agreed that this economic boost will be used to consolidate projects that have already been implemented by the club, but above all to promote new initiatives aimed at attracting young people from the regions of Girona to practice triathlon and each of the three sporting disciplines that go to make it up.

The 'co-branded' agreement also includes very strong advantages for the 140 members who are currently part of the club. For example, those who are already members will be able to buy products from the online shops Bikeinn, Runnerinn and Swiminn at very attractive prices, will be entitled to discounts upon participating in tests or in those organized by Tradeinn's suppliers and can also take part in product testing.

TGCBinn's president, David Presas explained that "it is a real honour to reach a co-branded agreement with a top-level company like Tradeinn. Thanks to all of the hard work in recent years, our club has managed to grow which has been the real key to our success. The club has many challenges ahead and having such good support from Tradeinn will ensure we overcome them. Sports in the Girona region will be more than satisfied".

On their behalf, Tradeinn's CEO David Martin stressed that "the synergies that we have up and running in the club are spectacular. TGCBinn has values that sit very well with Tradeinn. We are convinced that the Girona regions have incredible potential when it comes down to practising sport and we want to contribute as much as possible." "This agreement makes us both stronger and we know that the sky's the limit" he said.

The agreement also contemplates Tradeinn creating a new website for TGCBinn, to be up to date with the demands of the 21st century. The new website will be a key point in getting to know the club and also a meeting point for all of its members.

Logically, all of the club's kits will have new 'Club Triatló Girona Costa Brava Tradeinn' logos, so that the brand is very visible during training sessions, in competitions and in photographs that appear on social networks. The agreement also guarantees that the club and the company will do everything they can to advertise the TGCBinn brand as much as possible.

The Tradeinn group, chaired by David Martin and with 13 online stores, finished 2016 with a turnover of 75 million euros. Recently, Tradeinn has opened its second physical shop, located on the Rambla de Llibertat in Girona.



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Tradeinn.com is the first online sales group specializing in sports equipment. Chaired by David Martín, it originated in the online shop ‘Scubastore’, founded in 1998. Today, Tradeinn has 13 online stores translated into eighteen languages ??and from which it sells its products worldwide: Diveinn.com, Specialising in diving and scubba equipment; Trekkinn.com, for mountain and hiking items; Bikeinn.com, for cycling equipment; Smashinn.com, tennis and paddle tennis; Snowinn.com, specialising in ski equipment; Swiminn.com, for swimwear; Motardinn.com, shop specialising in selling items for driver's equipment; Waveinn.com, for nautical and sport fishing; Runnerinn.com, specialising in running, Goalinn.com, football and team sports; Dressinn.com, specialising in fashion, Traininn.com, fitness, and the online outlet specialising in sports, Outletinn.com.
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