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Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12. More comfortable running

Published on 06/02/2017 00:00

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If you´re looking for a comfortable neutral trainer for your middle or long-distance runs, this model is a great option. For a neutral foot strike with great cushioning and the correct weight, it´s a worthy competitor of the Asics Gel Nimbus 19.


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If you're planning on taking part in a marathon or a half marathon in the coming months, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 will allow you to run on asphalt or on compacted ground ensuring stability and excellent comfort. Just as the creators have stamped "Run Easy" on its sole, with the Vomero 12, you will do just that.

First impressions When you put the trainer on for the first time, you notice its great comfort; a pleasant, comfortable feeling caused by its cushioning system. Being used to wearing lighter trainers with less cushioning, I noticed that perhaps the response is not as quick as with a trainer with a thinner sole. Like many Nike trainers, the front is quite wide, which feels a little strange as my foot is long and narrow. The support for the ankle and heel is very good.

How does it adapt to your foot? The top of the trainer is meshing and allows good perspiration, the tongue is comfortable and feels like an elastic sock which avoids it moving and gives a comfortable grip in the insole area. The Flywire cable system gives good grip all over the middle section of the foot, which gives the impression of good stability.

Structure One of the most interesting things about this trainer is the reinforcement that it has on the front that practically covers all of your toes. This reinforcement prevents the trainer from getting easily ruined without the need to take away the comfort mentioned above. This is a stable shoe that gives you a secure foot strike and that can overcome small obstacles without having to worry about twisting your foot. The heel is a little high and very padded, something that reaffirms that the dedication to maximum comfort in this model. The drop in the Vomero 12 has lowered, the 11 had a 12 drop, and the 12 have a 10 drop. Nike has managed to lower the shoe's drop, which improves reaction time and response without losing comfort, this is one of this model's best features. The cushioning is probably one of the Vomero 12's best attributes, equipped with the Lunar system that provides smoothness in the core and the Cushion system assures you more pleasant transitions. In my case, it's a shoe that I would use for runs of over an hour at an average rhythm both on asphalt and on track. When competing, I can use them in marathons or half marathons, considering that my current weight is 68 kg. If your weight is higher, I think you could also use them in a 10,000 m. 

The sole As mentioned before, the shoe is well reinforced and durable, the reinforcements in the front will help to make it more resistant. The sole is resistant to wear and its cushioning is ideal for running on hard surfaces such as asphalt or compacted ground. On dry terrain they have a good traction and these last few days of winter I have also run with them on the wet asphalt after rain and feeling of traction remained good. I have also been doing a little training on the bike lane which is earth and the response has also been good. Good traction in general.

Triathlete Mario Mola testing the new Vomero 12 (image courtesy of Nike)

Performance The shoe's weight is good considering how comfortable it is, but I think that comfort may reduce the response a little when it comes to the foot strike. It's a shoe that's suitable for doing a lot of km at medium speeds. If you want to run shorter distances, you should look for a shoe with less cushioning that is more responsive and will propel you faster.

User Profile The Nike Vomero 12 is a pair of running shoes for those who need to stack up km on hard terrain and who are looking for comfort and cushioning. Their weight is just right for this model of trainer. I recommend them for half marathons or even marathons on asphalt. If you are a little heavier then you can also use them in 10 km races.

*Good cushioning that provides comfort.
*The mesh on the upper part of the trainer allows good perspiration.
*The tongue is very padded (more comfort) and the inner sock avoids movement.
*The reinforcement on the toes makes them more durable.
*Attractive design.

*Personally, I find the front a bit wide.
*The response in short lengths could be improved, evidently such great comfort takes away from reaction time.

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