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Published on 21/02/2017 00:00

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If I had to emphasize one quality that stands out among the rest on these Coreevo Colortech calf supports, it would be comfort. Thanks to the lightness and technology applied during their manufacturing, these Coreevo Colortech calf supports make them highly recommendable.


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I like to run and feel free when doing so. I don't usually use compressive material, as it doesn't normally make me feel comfortable. Now and again I have used various compressed calf supports to run or compete. I guess from lack of habit or just because I don't believe in miracles. The reason I'm saying this is because in theory the main utility of compressive calf supports is not aesthetic, even though it seems hard to believe. The real benefit would be to improve venous return, reduce muscle vibration caused by exercise and improve recovery. There have been some published studies regarding the actual impact of compressive calf supports, in this article I will simply put across the results obtained during and after exercise. Come on, let's get on with it!!

First impressions:
Just holding them you know that they must be comfortable. In comparison to some others that I have that are another brand, these are softer and more elastic. There's a stitch from top to bottom but if you turn them around you'll realise that it won't bother you at all. This is thanks to its 'Zero Friction' technology, designed to give commodity, comfort, and avoid rubbing.

Once you put them on, this comfort is more than patent. So that a support does its job properly certain pressure is required. They seem very soft and not tight enough to be able to accomplish what they promise. Let's see how they get on.

Adjustment, compression, sweat perspiration and durability:
The Coreevo Colortech’s adjustment is very good. The pressure that it applies to the leg is soft therefore avoiding that pressurized feeling. They are very light (approx. 55g per pair) and it's very easy to forget that you even have them on.

I have used the Coreevo Colortech on cold days and indoor training and in neither situation has my leg felt damp due to sweat. This is one of the main characteristics of this model. Coreevo has managed to make the sweat perspire thought the fabrics used. Without a doubt we fully agree that it works perfectly. We must also point out that the resistance of the materials used. After various months of use, the calf supports show no sign of use and apply the same pressure as day one.

Results during and after exercise:
As I explained above, during exercise the main functions of the compressive calf supports are:
*Improve venous return
*Reduce muscle vibration caused by physical exercise.

Some say that they even improve athletes’ performance. When we say that it improves athletes’ performance what we mean is that it reduces muscle vibration at moments when fatigue is getting the better of us therefore allowing the muscle to work more efficiently. I have to say that they weren’t uncomfortable at all when running; what’s more I had to really concentrate on them to see how they felt as they are really comfortable. Although I didn’t run any faster when wearing them, what a pity! I thought that I had the solution for running more and train a little less. The main conclusion is that I did notice that my muscle was less strained after training with the supports on, therefore I must admit that they did just what they’re designed to do during demanding training sessions.

Post training:
The main function would be to improve muscle recovery. Here, I have to say they work to perfection. Exactly, I don't know how long you would have to wear them after training for them to take effect. In my case I wore them for a while when I was working after training and even while I was sleeping. To be honest, they have helped me to slightly recover better.


From my point of view it isn’t necessary to use them during training. The slight improvement I noticed when using them during training was equal to when I wore them afterwards, the recovery was identical. They don’t make you feel pressurized and you can easily forget that you are wearing them. Therefore they don’t get in the way of your daily activities. I’ve got used to using them after demanding workout sessions, they’ve convinced me!

I have to add that due to no contraindications, I would recommend them to any runner of any distance, may it be for aesthetics, commodity, coldness or confidence.

*Perfect adjustments
*Incredible comfort
*Excellent sweat perspiration
*Resistance and durability
*Good recovery

*I don’t see any contraindications

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