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Suunto Spartan Sport

Published on 01/03/2017 00:00

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An advanced multisport GPS watch with a wide range of pre-set sport modes to choose from like the usual running, cycling and swimming as well as sports such as standup paddling (SUP), mountaineering and crossfit. It has a colour touchscreen and a comfortable silicon wristband which comes in black, blue, white and sakura (pink, in normal speech). It says to have 100m water resistance, which I haven’t had the opportunity to try ;)


Technical assessment

GPS Reception












Suunto is a Finnish brand of dive computers, compasses, precision instruments and sports watches. The majority of the work stages of their products are still handcrafted.

Most of the people who run on trails or in the mountains know this brand and many of us wear one of their watches on our wrist when exploring new tracks or just when recording our everyday trainings.

Firs Impressions:
What a happiness when I opened the box and found myself with this pretty pink GPS watch! When I saw the big screen, I thought that this baby is going to feel heavy on the wrist but surprisingly it’s lighter than the Ambit watches. The colourful touchscreen is super chic and the silicon wristband makes a perfect fit on any arm.

Other functions:
Batería: Battery life using it as a normal wrist watch is around 10 days and with the best GPS accuracy around 10h. I used it on a trekking route in the mountains and used the “good” GPS accuracy which says should last for 16h. After 14 hours, the clock fell asleep and I’ve read that it uses more energy when trying to find the GPS signal when being surrounded by high walls, buildings etc. So, keep that in mind.

First few steps:
For the Suunto Spartan watches you need to download another software that is called Suuntolink, instead of the Moveslink that is used for their other sports watches. Suuntolink allows your watch to be synced to your Movescount account, as well as keeping your watch up to date.

To start using the clock you just follow the start-up instructions of introducing the language, timezone, your body metrics, such as weight, height and heart rate zones etc.

Velocidad y precision de señal GPS/GLONASS Altimetro y Barometro: With the various updates that have been done since I first started to use the watch, the GPS accuracy has improved loads! I still, sometimes, experience some troubles in the beginning of trainings though, where the distance in the first kilometres sometimes appears erroneous (I wish I could run 1k under 3 min). It doesn’t have an altimeter nor a barometer but gets the altitude quite alright with the GPS signal.

Custom Training:
With other Suunto watches I’ve been happier with the personal settings of the trainings. In the case of the Spartan Sport I lack the possibility to change the pre-set sport mode settings, which would make things a lot handier.

I’m happy with this function. Through Movescount you can load routes, previously run by you or by some other Movescount user as well as tracking your own routes. The track is shown in blue and the moves you make become white breadcrumbs on the map. Fairly easy to follow!

Daily Activity Tracking:
This watch measures general activity in terms of calories burned and steps taken but not the floors climbed (since it doesn’t have a barometric altimeter) nor does it measure sleep. It counts the heartrate for you and the recovery time you need after your trainings.

Compatible Accessories:
R-monitor, foot POD, bike POD and power POD. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth to load up and see your trainings when in the bar after a tough training with your crew!


Swimming Mode 
I need to be honest with you here, swimming is not a sport that I usually practice but from my experience the watch doesn’t bother much when swimming and having it count the pool lengths for you is a big plus. On the other hand the heart rate monitor save the information while swimming and synchronize it with the device when you have finished.

Running Mode
This would be the function I’ve been using the most. Running, trail running, track and field, treadmill (shows more distance than the treadmill does). In the beginning I couldn’t use it for interval trainings but now there are some new functions which makes it quite alright. Still miss to be able to change the settings to how I want them though.

Cycling Mode: When it comes to cycling it also has a bunch of different modes to choose from, including interval, cadence and power. The main thing that changes, as in the other sport modes are the screen settings and the pods you can connect.

Triathlon Mode
Love the triathlon mode with a single button transition and sport change over. Meaning that it switches from Swim to T1 to Bike to T2 to Run to Finnish. Like this you can see your racing and your transition times. Sweet!

Smart Watch Mode:
When stable bluetooth connection, it’ll do basic Smartphone notifications. Plus that you can upload your trainings through connecting the watch to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It has a stopwatch but no countdown timer nor alarms.

User profile:
Perfil de usuarios al cual recomendarías el producto: This watch is for people who love doing different kinds of sports, from triathlon, swimming, trail running, cross-country skiing and alpinism.

*Many sport modes
*Nice, big display
*Light and comfortable fit thanks to the silicon wristband
*Fast GPS connection

Lista aspectos en contra
*Expensive for not yet having functions that previous Suunto watches have
*Not being able to change the pre-set sport modes settings, at the moment.
*Touchscreen that doesn’t always work when wet or in cold temperatures

New options for Sport Mode Customizations
*now utilize up to 7 data fields per screen
*new customizations available (i.e. 10s power, 30s power)
*pool swimming: now customize your pool length
Graphs in factory sport modes (activity and summary) for Speed, HR and Altitude
Identify and save Points of Interest in Navigation view. (Phase 1 of POI functionality, Phase 2: in exercise)*
New visualization to see and sync available PODs at exercise
Foot POD auto-calibration
....(read more info)


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Me hacen feliz las cosas sencillas de la vida. Me encanta estar en la montaña, en el bosque, en la playa... Eso sí, siempre haciendo algo que me hace sudar :) Mi pasión ahora mismo es el trailrunning, descubriendo los bonitos rincones de nuestro mundo.

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