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Puma renews its Evopower line

Published on 17/03/2017 00:00

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Puma breaks with the continuity that characterised the original Evopower line´s 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 models. With this in mind they have launched the Evopower Vigor, a boot designed to boost ball impact, reducing the feeling of reinforcement that its predecessor had, while creating a compression effect on the foot, thereby optimising the fitting of the boot to the maximum.


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The boot is made from the same material as the previous versions of Evopower, although it is distributed differently with this version. This is a synthetic material called Adaplite, used exclusively by Puma, and that has the peculiarity of being a longitudinally elastic material (heel to toe) but that remains unalterable in the transverse direction. This creates a similar effect to that seen with golf clubs or tennis rackets, causing a "catapult" movement on the foot at the moment of ball impact. Adaplite allows an optimum fitting of the boot and prevents it from widening.

This synthetic material is mounted on a base of elastic material (elastane) which is like a sock. Embedded in this base are small particles of accufoam that protrude from the surface, (you'll notice this if you pass your finger over the Adaplite). Their function is to provide improved grip for ball control and striking. This elastic material creates a compression sensation on the foot, fitting the boot to the foot to the maximum degree possible.

The sole design follows the same continual line used by the third generation of Evopower, which was previously so successful. Blade-shaped and conical studs alternate on the sole, firstly to help pivoting on the foot and secondly with traction and speed.

It has two Duoflex lines that promote the foot hyperextension effect that provides more powerful ball impacts, and also has a spine that regulates this movement to further stabilise the boot (called GSF, Gradual Stability Frame).


My impressions
The new Evopower Vigor is a boot that, as its own name suggests, promotes better striking of the ball and improves power. Here we have a boot which we would assume to be highly reinforced, but which is actually reduced in this sense when compared to its predecessors, especially around the lacing area. This is because Puma has eliminated the Adaplite in this area, so that the instep is now only protected by the elastic sock material. This, however, makes it very easy to fit the boot. This boot is much closer in design to the Evospeed line than it is to the prior Evopower models from years ago, having been created in 2013. This implies that reinforcement and lightness are not at odds nor incompatible, and Puma has effectively demonstrated this by producing the most balanced "power" boot on the market.

Player profile this boot is recommended for
Recommended for players who are looking for a lightweight boot, but that provides extra ball striking power.  Remember that with this new generation of Evopower, Puma is really adhering closer to the Evospeed line than to previous Evopower versions. 

Points in its favour:
-Lightweight boot, which weighs little, but at the same time it provides a feeling of reinforcement
-An almost perfect fit with the new sock-style elastic material
-Its sole, already successful in previous versions, allows for more movement control and provides more stability and support for pivoting.

Points against:
-Less waterproof around the instep area, as the foot is only protected by the elastic material
-Loses some of its Evopower identity and instead has come to resemble more of a "lightweight and fast" type of boot.



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