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The Nano 7s combine the stability and traction necessary in strength training, and stiffness in different points of the shoe to allow you to take off while doing burpees or any exercise that consists of lifting weight in the shortest possible time.


Technical assessment













I still can't believe that the Reebok CrossFit Nano are already into their seventh generation, each one being better and more functional than the last. I also have a hard time believing how the new Nano 7 responds to many of the challenges that I come across during the WODs (workout of the day) which are proposed by our coaches.

Like many people I started with Crossfit by chance. I was told that there was a new sport in Spain that combined strength, mobility and agility all at the same time and that the type of training was daily surprise WODs (workout of the day). It seemed the perfect sport for me, so without further ado, my gym shoes and I got straight to it, until the rope ate through those very shoes in a WOD exercise, and it was at that moment when I realised the reason for the Nanos.

First impressions:
I found out that that CrossFit combines different sports modalities and that is why you need shoes that respond just as well in strength training, cardio or gymnastics. You have to be able to run, jump and lift weight efficiently and the Nano 7 helps me to achieve that with ease. From box jumps to a power clean, these trainers keep me glued to the floor, not to mention the great help they provide whilst doiong burpees or push ups thanks to the reinforced toe and lightness. 

Structure and grip
The Nano 7 has a rubber outsole with grooves which make it flex naturally giving you greater balance and stability. I've tried them in many different workouts and the new sole makes you feel stable, it's very responsive to sudden turns and fast explosive movements. The sole's new modifications also passed the "rope climb" test, one of the most demanding points for me due to the bad fortune my last pair had during this test. I was surprised by the good grip they provide. In this exercise it's also worth mentioning that the new nano's padded tongue protects the upper part of the foot when climbing up the rope.

Also, the 360-degree reinforced heel clip and the multidirectionality of the sole pattern create a blocking sensation, ideal for helping me maintain control and giving me support whilst repeating strength exercises, wall balls or box jumps. I can say that the Nano 7 has the best grip for Crossfit out of all the previous shoes that have been made.

When doing a sport which is very physically and mentally demanding I don't focus on my appearance but on training my abilities. I'm also very demanding when it comes down to what I expect from functional, high performance and durable footwear. The Nano 7s are certainly long lasting, almost indestructible I would say (they have used the so-called Nanowave, a new, incredibly resistant material) and functional in both strength training and gymnastics also thanks to the reinforced PowerLaunch toe. 

Another important observation in my opinion is breathability.  The new material used for the Reebok Nano 7 is called Nanowave and wraps the shoe in a kind of black net, it is here that lies the essence of its indestructibility, endurance and breathability.

Adjustment and behaviour in training
These are a type of sneaker to fit every type of foot, let me explain: during the first workouts with the Nano 7, I felt that this rigidity that gave me stability and a drop of 4 mm made it less comfortable as I was not accustomed to such a low a drop.  However the ergonomics of the shoe make it fit quickly to your foot and you feel comfortable with the feeling of a more natural footprint.

They are designed to give space to your foot and are specially designed for those of us with a broad foot, and although they have a broader profile than other sneakers, the Nano 7 are narrower than their predecessors.

The very accurate natural footwork and the wide design of the shoes can make an athlete with a narrower foot shape (as is my case) feel some sense of loss of technique when running. The Nano 7 make up for this in strength exercises, gymnastics, wall climbs, wall balls or box squats where, in my opinion, they excel.

So much so, that Reebok hits the nail on the head with their slogan for the new Nano 7: "make every nanosecond count," referring to the maximum reps in a CrossFit training session.


Recommended profile
I would recommend the new Nano 7 for CrossFit or Crosstraining athletes looking for a good grip on heavy-duty WODs, and stability in gymnastics.

* Perfect sneakers for the most demanding heavy-duty WODs and gymnastics due to two important factors: their reinforcement in the toe and heel.
* Breathability, strength and lightness thanks to the new Nanowave fabric
* The sense of grip and stability they provide
* Natural footprint
* Durable, high performance shoes 

* They are more specialised and directed to weightlifting WODs than cardio.

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