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The Reebok Spartan Race by Noelia

Published on 12/07/2017 00:00

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Do you remember the nerves when your parents told you that they would take you to the amusement park at the weekend? Surely you did not sleep at night, found it hard to pay attention in school, chatted a lot more than normal, and spent hours thinking about what you would do in a few days at the place of your dreams. When we grow up, those things are forgotten... or not. There is an amusement park for adults who, by the way, have a screw loose. I am sure that you have heard of it, they are Spartan Races; a combination of mud, obstacles, trails, suffering and fun in equal parts. I was fortunate enough to participate in the Barcelona Sprint round.


The heat was intensifying early in the morning in Les Comes, and by 3pm it showed no signs of improving. Luckily, the Reebok cropped leggings designed specifically for Spartan were very cool and breathable. The party begins! With a pep talk Leonida would be proud of, they sent us on our way. As soon as we passed the first walls, we found the first mud puddle. It only reached the knees, but it splashed all the way up to my ears! I have never run in so much mud, and I was afraid of getting my feet drenched. I was well equipped with the Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0, which have water drainage at the sides and work great. After four strides I could run comfortably. They also have fantastic grip, even when the slope is very steep or there are loose stones, they hook into the ground with tooth and nail, and they are very quick; in the more technical downhill sections they provide enough confidence to be able to fly. They are lacking a bit more cushioning; for short runs of around 10km they are perfect because they are lightweight, but for longer distance they could make us suffer.


Little by little I was tacking the obstacles, more walls, more mud, carrying sacks and stones... The atmosphere generated in the Spartan is marvellous, especially in the Open rounds where you can help each other out. You help people (and they help you) who you don't even know to overcome tests and you end up working as a team. If I had to choose the test I liked the most, it was without a doubt throwing the javelin, I felt 100% Spartan! I also liked running. I adore jogging through the mountains, and I have to say that the sections they chose for running between each test were fantastic. I was able to try the Reebok Spartan Race sports bra. It's very comfortable and the fabric is very smooth and pleasant to touch. With medium support, it is ideal for a Spartan Sprint, but you should look for more support if you are going to perform high impact exercise, such as running on asphalt or increasing your distance.

The last tests are the most difficult, like the inverted wall, or the drenching. There are even volunteers to lend you a hand, because slips are inevitable. But there is nothing compared to the feeling of jumping over the hot coals with your eyes set on the goal. What an experience! As you can see, at no point did the smile disappear from my face. Do you want to know why? Travel back to your childhood, what I spoke to you about at the beginning. Feeling free again, not worrying about tripping and falling, enjoying getting covered in mud up to your ears, laughing and shouting with joy without feeling embarrassed, believing you are able to do anything and forgetting that what you are doing today will take its toll on you tomorrow. Do you remember how happy it made you? Because that is a Spartan, and it is something that truly hooks you.

Why else would I already be planning a Trifecta?

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