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Test of Nike Pegasus 34 and Zomm Fly

Published on 29/11/2017 00:00

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Last 15th November, we had a chance to try two of most currently popular Nike trainers. The classic Pegasus shoes in their 34th incarnation. 34 years is easy said but no mean feat for a trainer, and it is difficult to find a runner who’s not used a version of them at some time. The innovative Zomm Fly are designed for the challenge of finishing the #breaking2 marathon in less than 2 hours.


The get-together was held at 19:00 in Tradeinn, Rambla. Despite the late hour, we had no need of lights because the training took place in lit venues. About 30 people came for the test.

As the runners arrived they were assigned a Pegasus. These shoes were to be used in the first part of the test. Once everyone was wearing them, David the employee from Nike, explained the features of the two shoes:

34 Pegasus: A shoe that we can term all-terrain, suitable both for competition training and can be used for any distance. They are characterized by being very cushioned, free of seams and with great breathability.

Zomm Fly: a model made for going fast, very fast. Nike designed these for great marathon runners, intending to finish the marathon in under two hours. It has a full Nylon plate with carbon details to provide a feeling of propulsion. The mid-sole is made from light foam to provide a more reactive cushioning, while the extremely light upper part is reinforced with Flywire.


After the explanation we went to try them. Firstly, a running-in of 4 kilometers to test the Pegasus, without a doubt one of the most comfortable shoes that can be found. After the run we reached the spot where the Nike truck was waiting for us, so we could change shoes and put on the Zomm Fly. We then split into two groups and whilst one carried out a long-distance run, the others did short-distance ones and relays.

I have to say that you can really tell that the shoe made for going fast. Very different from your typical running shoe, and the new technology is definitely noticeable. After swapping groups, we put on the Pegasus again to finish training, by running back to the Tradeinn shop at a decent pace. There they gave us water and bananas to recover a little, and we filled in the footwear survey. I personally gave them a very good score.

As a final prize, a competition has started on Instagram and Facebook, which runs until the following Sunday. The winner would be who took the photo with more likes and the hashtag: #nikerunnerinn,

Finally, I just want to say that if you have the opportunity of participating, don't miss the chance of trying a running shoe and seeing if it fits you; for the luxury of being sure you are not making a mistake when choosing a shoe.

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