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Ventrix, warmth to fit your activity.

Published on 11/12/2017 00:00

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What is Ventrix? In our opinion, one of the best technological innovations emerging from this sector in recent years. Want to know more?


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Ventrix is ??the name for this new technology, which consists of a series of micro perforations in the fabric. These perforations are precision made by laser, to provide dynamic ventilation.  This technology has been implemented on sports garments, and this feature means it can adapt to the athlete's level of activity at any time. Either expanding to dispel the heat or contracting to retain warmth when needed, so the body avoids building-up excessive heat and sweat during sports practice.

Thanks to TNF, we have been lucky enough to try the technology on the insulated Ventrix Hood jacket. A jacket designed for highly aerobic activities in variable weather conditions, which works perfectly for winter sports, such as mountain skiing, ice climbing or so-called "Speed ??hiking". 

The Ventrix jacket strikes an excellent balance between warmth, ventilation and freedom of movement, thanks to the micro-perforations located in the armpit areas and the back, the 80 gr/m2 padding of elastic synthetic fibers (polyester), the tailored cut and incredible light weight of 420 grams in the "S" size.

How can it be otherwise, for a jacket designed for sports requiring complete freedom of arm movements. What’s more, despite the apparent volume you'll forget you are wearing it.

As previously mentioned, the jacket has synthetic insulation and 80 gr/m2 elastic throughout the garment, including the collar, hood and arms. This provides a great feeling of thermal comfort in moderate cold conditions, both when being active or resting.

I prefer to not specify temperatures because thermal comfort can be influenced by a wide range of variables: the user's metabolism, the other garments worn underneath, the activity’s intensity level, etc. 

We've tested it out with excellent thermal sensation results for temperatures of 5 to 14 degrees. Noticeably warm when preparing the equipment and with good perspiration during the mountain skiing session, which was held at a moderate pace.


The jacket is a fitted cut and features elastic bands around the waist and cuffs to prevent the cold entering. These bands also speed up the process of putting on and taking off the jacket, because you just need to close the zipper and it adjusts perfectly to the body.

The front zipper closes the jacket up to the chin area, protecting the neck from the cold and helping the hood fit perfectly, without the need of a third elastic band for the head attachment. Naturally, the hood is perfectly compatible with the helmet.

The back of the "S" size is 70 cm, while the arms measure 80 cm. If you are slender and measuring 1.82 m, the small size "S" is perfect.

The jacket features a chest pocket and two large pockets at hand height.

Many people ask us how to wash the jackets. Ventrix is machine washable, using hot water at a maximum temperature of 40ºC. All the zippers should be closed. For drying, we recommend tumble dry only with minimal heat, since the air helps the interior fibers recover their sponginess better.

Impermeability and perspiration
The jacket has a water-repellent finish (DWR) so it is water-repellent. However, due to the micro-perforations it can not be classified as a windbreaker. Despite this, we have used it with winds of 100 km/h without any significant reduction in the feeling of comfort.

After trying the jacket, we can say that thanks to: its excellent breathability, lightness, thermal comfort, both when active and resting, and the incredible freedom of movement it offers, the jacket is an indispensable garment for lovers of aerobic winter sports, such as mountain skiing or ice climbing.

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