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adidas Supernova, no runner will be left indifferent to them.

Published on 26/04/2018 22:00

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The development of the Adidas Supernova Glide has brought benefits to these amazing shoes, seeing an improvement in cushioning and stability from their predecessors. Eye catching because of their bright colours, no runner will be left indifferent to them, especially when they are used in their strongest areas.


Technical assessment









Wet traction


Dry Traction


just putting them on your feet gives a feeling of floating, of standing on a soft space, but not of speed. that’s because these shoes excel in the great cushioning and protection they provide, so that you can run across rough terrain at a slow pace, where the impact can be harsh. for runners like me, weighing about 60kg, these aren’t the best shoes to achieve a new personal b est in a 5km run, they are better suited to training for longer runs where they can take care of your feet and prevent injuries. their reduced weight in terms of cushioning make these a very versatile tool, able to perform well with a wide range of paces

first impressions
when i put my feet in the supernova m, i knew i wouldn’t be having ,,,,,any problems on the first run iwas going to try with them on. very comfortable, and gave the feeling of having ,,,,,your feet wrapped in cotton wool. the pleasant feel of the boost (for me, the best discovery of the last few years in the world of running, and technology that today puts adidas ahead of the game in terms of running companies), increases this feeling so it’s like running on clouds. being used to the shoes i normally use(boston 6 and adios 3), i felt a difference in the toe, which is more pointed in the supernova m, butcontrary to what i expected, my foot didn’t feel constrained and the toes were free to assist with pushing forward. the heel was kept perfectly supported and free, thanks to the fitcounter.

the supernova m is a neutral model, with a large amount of boost in the midsole. this type of foam used by adidas uses energy with a one-two of action and reaction. the more energy it gets from cushioning an impact, the more energy it can put into the next stride.

the upper part is made from a very technical, light and breathable mesh, which together with the midsole energy rail with cloudfoam technology in the middle and rear section of the shoe, secures and surrounds the foot. the light tpu side panels without seams for better support, the cushioned tongue and the fitcounter moulded heel stabiliser th at protects and enables natural movement of the achilles tendon, make up the structure of the shoe.

finally, the torsion system technology gives the sole better stability and flexibility.

this all means that the shoe has a drop ,,,,,of 10 (22 mm heel - 12 mm forefoot) with a weight of 326 grams in size 42 2/3

impressions after 200km
after having ,,,,,tried the shoes in various terrains, both asphalt, forest, walking trails and even an athletics track, i can personally review that the supernova m are not particularly fast shoes. where i have felt them at their best has been on longer runs, on asphalt and walking trails. on routes of 12, 15 and even 25 km at a pace of around 5 minutes per kilometre i have arrived home with less muscle fatigue than usual.

on short runs (1-3 km) or faster runs (less than 4 minutes per kilometre), i have not been as comfortable. the drop ,,,,,of 10 and the high cushioning can mean landing on your heel, and the shoesdon’thavethesameresponseasmore“racing”modelswhenitcomestotakingyourfootofftheground. that isn’t me saying that they don’t have a good response, but as i said before, it’s a shoe that i wouldn’t use for competition because of its performance, rather for longer runs at morecomfortable paces.

in terms of comfort, i don’t have a bad word to say about them. wide fit, as i like it, with a certainfreedom for the toes, but well supported at the same time.

the wear on the sole of these shoes isn’t much, but you can see that the studs under the metatarsalstowards the forefoot have lightly worn down, as well as those on the outside of the heel. running a lot on walking routes has had an influence, although they still have about 500 -600 km of life left in them before they develop problems.


final conclusions
after the 200 km of testing i carried out on the supernova m, i can say that adidas has done great work in the reinvention of the old supernova glide, and have created a model which is very versatile, comfortable and durable. a shoe designed for runners over 70 kg for medium to long routes at gentle paces. they could also be beneficial for lighter runners who are looking for good body protection during intense training periods.

in terms of strengths, i would highlight the great balance of cushioning and lightness, comfort, and the continental sole, which is durable, versatile and flexible.

as negatives, the response isn’t as good as it could be (although when compared to shoes with a similar performance, that’s not the case), their release price (around €140 on the official website) and the variety of colours, almost all of which are one bright colour, and so not very discreet.

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