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Cursa Bombers Barcelona, by Júlia

Published on 27/04/2018 00:00


The day of the RunnerINN Firefighters race has arrived. It´s early, but the city is already full of activity. I´m wearing a pair of Nike Epic Reacts. THESE SHOES are very comfortable. I am walking on air until I reach the Metronome, passing by the Born market square. I gently raise my head to contemplate the Nike logo in the middle of the central arch of the building. They have prepared a magical experience for the RunnerINN Firefighters race in Barcelona today.


First surprise at the door: Marathon Man. Inside, the athletes are making their final preparations for the race, they are focused.  I HYDRATE myself and I leave my bag with them. I'm going out again, I'll warm up with Judith. We start to warm up, still walking on air. We get into our exit lane. The green shirts and firefighters flood the starting line. There are a lot of people, and one gets a sense of the adrenaline in the faces of the athletes. On the big screen in front of us we can see the professionals get started, what a thrill, and it motivates me to start the race. Not long to go now, only a few nervous moments. The speaker blares, the music motivates, people dance uncomfortably.

3, 2, 1, Go! The race is on. My Nike Epics react as I move forward, easily changing pace as I move through the crowd of runners. I feel comfortable, agile, dynamic. With these shoes I can do anything. I find my rhythm and enjoy the moment. It feels like I'm not wearing any trainers, I take a look at them. The city breathes quietly under my feet. We overtake a firefighter who is dressed in his official work suit, with helmet and compressed air bottle. We all applaud and cheer him on, it's his race and I admire him. I keep going. I'm running like I'm on top of foam, I feel so comfortable in these trainers. It's just down the hill, the last few miles. I'm advancing on another firefighter. There's music in the street, a group of drummers cheering us on. I'm getting my adrenaline back. And I'm still going. I'm well cushioned, a satisfied smile crosses my life. I turn the corner, ahead of me is the RunnerINN arch, I'm here, only a few metres to go to the finish line. I draw energy from the depths of my being to make a final sprint. I'm crossing the finish line! Mission accomplished! Happiness overflows with a smile. I keep going without stopping, I'm going to get some water to help recover. I bump into Ignaci, a good friend and a dedicated runner. We chat about the race and also how the Nike Reacts feel, which he also wore for the race. And we come to the conclusion that these trainers are like big springs on your feet that propel you forward with every step.

We return to Nike Hospitality together to drink a juice and eat nuts, they are ideal for a good recovery. They give me a T-shirt as a gift which I can change into. I feel fresh and relaxed. We recover and enjoy the music and the exceptional atmosphere.



I return home satisfied and happy with everything I have experienced, feeling like I am flying through the clouds.


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Me apasiona correr, salir a la calle y disfrutar de la naturaleza. Siempre distancias cortas, por asfalto o pista. Hace unos meses me he introducido al mundo de la bici de carretera.

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