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Salomon Sense Ride, The most comfortable shoes my feet have experienced.

Published on 22/06/2018 00:00

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This review’s title might seem like an exaggeration, given that everyone’s feet are different. But for me, the combination of the upper fit, the absorbent but stable cushioning and the sole’s adaptability to the terrain make the Salomon Sense Ride the most comfortable trail shoe I’ve put my feet into for quite some time.


Technical assessment









Wet traction


Dry Traction


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First impressions:
My first impressions of the Salomon Sense Ride are that they are somewhat understated, reserved even. The way they look doesn’t catch the eye in any way (aside from the wide range of bright colours available). This isn’t a shoe that will impress with its stand-out studs, oversized midsole or narrow, racing upper. But I just get the feeling that the Sense Ride have much more to offer given the huge amounts of technology poured into these shoes by the R+D department at Salomon, like with the upper and midsole.

On first judgement, these shoes look like they will have good cushioning from the midsole, they are a bit wide at the front, with understated studs, so must be designed for dry terrain. My first conclusion is that in front of me sits a shoe made for longer and slower runs, preferably for runners who lead with their heel, because of the toe rocker (slightly elevated tip), something which will certainly help progress.

First contact
The first thing to strike me as I put the Salomon Sense Rides on for the first time is the incredible comfort of this shoe. The shoe’s upper adapts perfectly to my feet from heel to toe, and it’s from here that they widen to allow movement in the runner’s toes. The upper of the foot is wrapped in an elastic sock called Endofit. This support system’s main objective is to avoid friction, maximise synchronisation of the foot’s movement with the shoe and keep the tongue perfectly in place.

Taking my first steps, I begin to see that my first impressions were fairly accurate. Aside from the wrap-around comfort of the upper, there is also the comfort from the VIBE cushioning system (explained in video) that the Salomon Sense Ride provides. They feel great, and just by walking you can feel how the Sense Rides absorb the impact of steps very gently, as well as being able to feel their stability and protection. I’m going to do that again, so comfortable!

Behavor in running:
I am completely in love with the comfort of the Sense Rides, but I need to find out whether the cushioning will be too soft when the terrain hardens, whether the upper will support my foot properly on a challenging and technical descent, and what other feelings this Salomon model bring. So, I’m going to give the Sense Rides a proper try. I’ve prepared a few runs on tarmac (without hills), hill runs with varying terrain, forest routes and descents on broken paths full of stones to fully test all they have to offer. Comfort isn’t the only thing that matters to a runner!:


The Sense Ride’s grip was perfect, there wasn’t a single moment where they didn’t feel secure. I have narrow feet, and I like to feel that the upper is hugging my feet from heel to toe. This is how the Sense Rides felt, but only up to the upper of my feet, the shoe then widens slightly to allow toes to move freely. This feeling made me feel a bit unsure, perhaps because I wasn’t used to it, but it’s fair to say that the Endofit system, alongside the well-known Quicklace, make a great team. I had the same feeling of security and support from the first runs on tarmac to the ones running down a mountain at full speed. I quickly got used to the feeling of my toes having freedom to move, and this didn’t cause me any problems.

I must say as well that the upper has great durability, so far there’s hardly any wear, just a few marks that show they’ve been used, but nothing has broken. So, they’ve survived well.

One negative aspect is that the Sense Rides do not have any reflective panels, which isn’t a total negative given that practically all running clothes have reflective parts. So, I think it would be a good thing for these shoes to have that, but if the clothes we’re wearing already have these features then we won’t be without protection.

In summary, I have to say I really liked the way the Sense Ride midsole performed, behaving correctly on all types of terrain (tarmac, forest, technical routes). There is a combination of feelings that feel like complete opposites. The whole shoe has very good cushioning, but as I’ve already said, the Sense Ride has 27mm in the heel area and 19mm in the front area. So, the heel area feels perfectly protected, the midsole being slightly harder, and protects you from the terrain. On the other hand, the midsole seems softer in the toe area and allows you to feel the terrain you are running on. I really like this sensation, at the same time as feeling the stone you step on, you also feel protected. I’ve run down stony paths and haven’t had any pain, the impact absorption from the VIBE system is excellent.

But it can’t all be as good as that. The three thicknesses of the Sense Ride midsole absorb vibrations and impacts to protect our joints and muscles to perfection. However, this is not a reactive shoe by any means. On flat terrain, where we want to build up a good rhythm for climbing a mountain, we notice that it takes some effort reaching the desired rhythm and at the end of the climb, our muscles will be more tired from the effort we’ve had to go to.

The Salomon Sense Ride have a Premium wet traction Contagrip sole. With the exception of muddy terrain, where the shoe doesn’t do so well because of its size and tread shape, the shoes performed well on all other terrains. The sole’s traction is good, it grips very well on most terrains. But on dry terrain and gritty forest tracks I did skid slightly which I wasn’t expecting, since it’s on these terrains that the Sense Rides are supposed to excel. I felt very secure on slightly wet ground, where the grip was excellent, and where the shoes really stood out.

The sole is very flexible. They have, as you will have been able to see in the video, three horizontal grooves in the toe area which means the shoe can flex more easily. They have managed to make the sole very stable alongside the rest of the shoe, at the same time as being flexible and adaptable to terrain.

But there is a downside, and it’s a big one. The sole wear on the shoe happens very quickly. By 150km of running in them, they had lost numerous studs and some others were broken. The first breakages were in the front area, both on the right and left sides. But the wear was also evident in the middle of the sole. That means that the lifespan of these Salomon Sense Ride shoes is something for Salomon to work on.

Salomon Sense Ride is a very comfortable shoe from the French brand that we can wear on a mountain climb for as much time as we have available or as we want to spend doing so thanks to the Vibe cushioning system that protects our muscles well as the hours and kilometres pass by.

They can be used for training (recreational, sports, mountains) and long-distance competitions. Because of their low reactivity, they would not be good for fast runs.  As a personal suggestion, I think that these shoes could (with a few differences) be combined with the Salomon Sense Ultra shoes, or for runners who can’t or don’t want to pay for the latter.

Aimed at a wide range of runners who prefer comfort and protection over reactivity.  Who like to be aware of the terrain they are running on at all times.  

- Impressive comfort.
- Good cushioning.
- Good grip.
- Upper and midsole durability.

- Very, very little durability on the sole.
- No reflective panels

- DROP: 8mm
- FRONT WIDTH: 11.5cm
- WEIGHT: 275g

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