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Fight off the bad weather with Nike Run Utility

Published on 28/11/2018 00:00

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Access IS IT RAINING?, Let Runnerinn and Nike advise you about the best outfit to enjoy running whether it’s raining or not.

1. Do you usually go out running when the weather is bad?
Yes, when competing for a triathlon, you have different compulsory training times, especially group sessions, so bad weather is no excuse to cancel the session.

2. Was it always like that or was there a clear turning point? When did you decide that the weather couldn’t stop your training sessions?
My turning point was when I started to compete and take this sport more seriously, when improving my performance and my results became more important to me than the cold, rain, wind, etc.  If you want to improve, there is no valid excuse.

3. How do you feel when you’re running in the rain?  Do you feel differently when you go out running in bad weather?
Rain only gets you wet and sometimes we forget that. In my case I like training in the rain, I feel free and when I've finished, I feel more satisfied because I've trained whilst many people have stayed at home. In the end, training in bad weather counts as double, or that’s what people say. 

4. Now you have tried the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Utility, what is your experience with them? What would you highlight about them and what have you liked most?
I’ve never tried waterproof running trainers before, hiking boots yes, but never running trainers, and the truth is that the feeling of being able to train without ending up with soaking wet feet is satisfying. 

5. What type of clothing do you use/recommend to go out running in the rain?
For me, the essential thing is a good waterproof windbreaker.

6. What are your tips for beating laziness and going out running in bad weather?  What advice would you give to those runners who still don’t dare to go out running in bad weather?
My tip is to think about how I'll feel after training or if I don’t train, and obviously the option of training wins.  As I said before, rain only gets you wet, it doesn’t hurt or anything like that, so you have to go out, get wet, train and enjoy yourself, I promise you that the satisfaction will be huge. As a piece of advice, I would say simply to try it, to get out of your comfort zone and leave the house and run in the rain, get wet.


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