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Salomon Sense Ride 2: Versatility, lightness and comfort in one shoe.

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The Salomon Sense Ride 2 shoes are the improved version of their predecessor and have become one of my favourite shoes for running a medium distance at a fast pace.  A good fit, better cushioning and a very versatile grip on any type of terrain make it one of the best options we can find on the market.

A few weeks ago in the Stage de Trail Running of the Domini D'Isards I had the possibility to try these shoes next to Suunto 9.  A few days of trail running which allowed me to test this footwear on Pyrenean terrain; with rocky paths, wet grass meadows, mud and compacted tracks. Here are my conclusions:

We are dealing with a shoe which is close to 250 g and with a sole thickness of 19 mm in the metatarsal area and 27 mm in the heel area, which together with the 8 mm drop guarantee good cushioning over medium and long distance.  If we add a wide sole to this, we have a good training and competition shoe which prioritises stability and comfort without losing lightness.

To improve the fit in the Salomon Sense Ride 2, two well-known Salomon technologies have been used, the endofit and sensefit, whose purpose is to embrace the instep area of the sole, making the shoe and your foot work as a single machine.  A job which allows some customisation with the well-known QuickLace closure system which will allow you to finish adjusting the shoe to your needs and which, together with a good last, releases pressure from the front of the foot.

After several years using this lacing system, they never loosened during the race.  And on the other hand, thanks to its ease of use, it allows you to quickly squeeze the shoe when the sensations and terrain require it.

In reference to the sole, we are looking at a rather aggressive tread, which responds perfectly to the versatility which the French brand wants to give this shoe.  Getting a good grip on a wide variety of terrains.  The truth is that its behaviour on technical trails, wet rock and mud is more than adequate.

On the other hand, the sole also has Vibe technology, which according to the brand serves to reduce the vibrations caused by the impact of each step and thus delay muscle fatigue.  This small technological advance will not make us run faster, but it will make our legs suffer a little less over the miles. 

In short, in my opinion it is a shoe which can be adjusted to most mountain runners, both beginners and the more experienced. I also believe that it is a very good training shoe for runners who compete with the S-lab range, since there are certain similarities with the sensations we experience during use.

So if you're look for something versatile and with a good grip, this can be your footwear.


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