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Published on 27/08/2019 14:00

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Two years ago, the German Adidas brand gave us back the Predator silo, a boot model which emerged back in 1994 and which improved ball strike by means of strategically placed tiers on the upper.


Technical assessment









Ball Grip




This boot was instrumental to the brand’s great success in sports footwear, particularly in reference to football, along with the more than classic World Cup.   For this reason, the brand decided to bring the boot back to celebrate those of us who loved Predator, by adapting it to new times and innovating its identifiable features to offer us, in my opinion, the best boot in existence on the market today.

If you are one of those people who like to have control of the game, pay attention, as we are going to tell you about all its characteristics.



This is the most visible element of the boot and the part that gives it that aggressive image which is so characteristic of the Predator dynasty.

The carcass base is made from Primeknit (cotton) covered in the Controlskin technology which acts as an external skin over the boot and has two main functions. Firstly, it waterproofs the boot and prevents the foot from becoming damp. Secondly, and most importantly, it offers a greater grip when in contact with the ball, which will make us kings at controlling the game.  Both technologies are so well put together that the fit and the feel of contact with the ball are perfect.

Those characteristics “tiers” are the things that most identify the Predator (in reality, they are 3D undulations which are internally reinforced with foam), and under the name of Predator Element, they will provide us with greater support in strikes and in control.

Since the reappearance of Predator, in its continuous search for perfection, Adidas has already launched two versions, the 18.1 and a new improved version 19.1, on which the only change introduced is reinforcement to the heel, which makes for total adjustment no matter how often you use your boots, as well as offering a much more stable tread and spin.  

One of the greatest negatives of the Adidas boot was observed on the elastic panels. These did not fully adjust to the ankle and formed small hollows, eventually even giving way, depending on how long the boots were used.  This handicap has already been improved and the sock is now adjusted, comfortable and provides complete hold, which helps the boot to adapt to the foot.



This consists of a soleplate with ControlFrame technology and stability insoles with Boost cushioning placed in the arch of the foot between the soleplate and the insole, giving greater comfort with each stride and greater support and balance with each step and turn. 



Personal opinion

In my view, and bear in mind that throughout my whole sporting career I have tried as many brands and models that ever were or ever will be, I have to say that the Adidas Predator is the most balanced boot on the market. Light, but at the same time reinforced, with an unbeatable feel in the control and striking of the ball, and very pleasant and comfortable from the first day of use.

Also, they have been given an aggressive and ground-breaking look, which is in keeping with those players we love, who take the initiative and who never go unnoticed.

I can assure you that from the moment you try them, you won’t want to wear anything else and, as I was, you will be converted into a fan of Predator for the rest of your days.

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