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Review: Wilson Paddle paddles

Published on 03/02/2020 15:48


Arnau Pirla, tenista y jugador de pádel, analiza en nuestro blog estas 5 palas de pádel Wilson



The Pro-Staff Tour is designed for advanced-level or professional players. It contains pro-density foam and is medium-balanced - this is normal for round-shaped paddles - making it ideal for players looking for ultimate control and precision. Thanks to the paddle’s low weight (365g) and sharp hole technology - the latter is ideal for enhancing all types of shots - this paddle is both easy to use and effective at the net. All paddles belonging to the Pro-Staff Tour range are made with graphite, making them more resistant than classic carbon paddles.

Performance: 8/10
Level of Control: 9.5/10
Ease of Use: 8.5/10



The Pro-Staff is designed for intermediate- and advanced-level players who play regularly; the round shape of the paddle means that its softest part is the centre and that its dimensions are small. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum performance, the centre of the paddle must make contact with the ball. The main difference between the Pro-Staff and Pro-Staff Tour is the type of foam used. The Pro-Staff uses lower-density foam, reducing its weight without affecting its performance. This Pro-Staff is ideal for those looking for a multi-purpose paddle when playing groundstrokes, enabling them to play effective shots, such as slices and drop shots, and to have greater control at the net.

Performance: 8.5 /10
Level of Control: 9/10
Ease of Use: 9.5/10



The Blade Tour is designed for advanced-level or professional players. It makes better contact with the ball - a wonderful sensation for the player - combining this better contact with a mixture of control and strength. The surface of the paddle is covered in carbon fibre, increasing its strength. Together with the paddle’s medium balance, the high-density foam enables a very high level of control. The diamond shape of the paddle enlarges the softest part of the paddle, ensuring that it is positioned just above the centre of the paddle.

Performance: 8 /10
Level of Control: 9/10
Ease of Use: 8.5/10



The Blade is designed for intermediate- and advanced-level players who play regularly. The main difference between the Blade and Blade Tour is that the Blade uses lower-density foam, reducing its weight. This, amongst other things, makes it easier to use. “Sharp hole” technology also allows players to play effective shots and to dominate the game at the net. Thanks to the paddle’s large soft spot, the centre of the paddle does not necessarily have to make contact with the ball in order for a good shot to be played. Although soft contact is made by the paddle with the ball, the ball leaves the paddle effectively. This is partly explained by the carbon-fibre covering on the paddle’s surface.

Performance: 9 /10
Level of Control: 8.5/10
Ease of Use: 9.5/10



The Carbon Force Smart is designed for intermediate- and advanced-level players who play regularly. One of the main features of this paddle is “smart density foam,” which consists of two different densities of EVA foam - a layer of high-density foam in the centre of the paddle, and two layers of low-density foam (one at the top of the paddle and one at the bottom). This allows players to generate more power, placing more strength behind shots, or to strike the ball better when required. They can therefore adapt more easily to the current match situation. Since the Carbon Force Smart is light, it is very easy to use. As standard, the handle is also covered in transparent tape. This is ideal for protecting the paddle’s frame against bumps and cracks, making it a very useful feature indeed.

Performance: 8.5 /10
Level of Control: 8/10
Ease of Use: 9.5/10

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