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Published on 13/10/2020 13:13


The amateur triathlete Víctor da Costa, with experience in several races of all disciplines around the world, tells us that such was his experience with Suunto 5 competing in the Olympic Triathlon of Platja d´Aro (Girona)


The New Suunto 5 has more than 80 different sports models and within them we can change each of these to make it more personalized and we can get the most out of the watch to our measure. Additionally, this model offers us two very relevant benefits compared to other models, one which is the long battery life and the second, the fact that it can be used in water, both in the pool and in the sea.

Today we are going to focus on one of the perhaps more complex modes, since the watch has the ability to be used in triathlon mode, which we can get a differential performance from due to its simplicity in the way of use. Since in other clocks they do not give you the facilities that this one offers you when establishing transitions. On the contrary, if it did not have this function, you would have to finish one sport and then search for the next one, which can be very difficult during competition. Logically, the use of this mode, the first few times can be a bit complex so I would advise you to use it in a practical way in some of the training sessions before using it during the competition. Triathlon usually starts with swimming and for this reason, the watch will automatically start in this mode. Previously, the start was in a massive way from a starting line, due to the pandemic which we are going through, the start was from within the water and for this reason it was a little more complex to start the clock. Once the aquatic part is finished, just out of the water, we press and hold the upper right button of the clock and the timer for the transition will start. Once you have equipped and ready to jump on the bike, just when you are getting ready to pedal, you press the same button as before; where the clock itself already indicates and even has a symbol of a bicycle, and immediately afterwards you start rolling the bike on it with the mode already active. When you finish the tour, we will repeat the process, first for the transition and then, after leaving the bike and changing the shoes, we will press the button again to start our last of the sports, running. To conclude the triathlon, you just have to press the same button, in this way we end the complex explanation of the triathlon mode.

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Amante de los deportes de resistencia, especialmente el running. Con resultados notables en carreras alrededor de todo el mundo.

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