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Presentation and first impressions: 

A place chosen to perfection, the surroundings are incomparable. Specifically, we are in Gualta.  The Empordà, in the province of Girona, a place that offers a variety of landscapes and terrains perfect for an adventure.  

While the new Suunto 9 Peak is presented to us, together with its new features, I begin to see that some of the improvements that I expected to see in this new model, I am still not going to see them. But the excitement of the moment makes me still excited and expectant to see, touch and try this new GPS device.

I already have it in my hands! The design is surprising, it breaks with the rest of the brand's sports watches. Smaller and lighter. It even looks fragile. This feeling disappears once you look at the quality of the materials used. The design is elegant and discreet, perfect for everyday wear. Removable 22mm straps and a very successful change. A metal clip for adjusting the strap, which makes it quicker to put on and I have a feeling it will improve the durability of the strap, as the classic silicone pins tended to break: How many customers have I seen come to the shop with chicken fingers holding the leftover strap. 

Teams are created, where the team that best follows the indications of the routes that our Suunto Peak 9 will transfer to us will be rewarded. Teams are made, in my case, brown team, with Margot and JuanMa, two very top companions. First we did a gravel route, passing through the beautiful villages of the area. Then we did a trail running route through the Montgrí area that took us to the mythical Castell del Montgrí, with spectacular views. Finally, back to the hotel by gravel. 
As soon as we loaded the route and started to follow it, all the members of the team commented the same thing, we found the design to be great, we love it, the watch is very comfortable and light.  Touch screen, with a little less resolution, but with a very useful functionality. It lights up just by turning the wrist. Useful functionality when we are in places with little light or at night, during the day it helps us to save battery.  We still have three buttons on the right side, but they have been moved down a little, they are not as centred as on the Suunto 9 Baro. And they are elongated and metallic. The location of the barometer has been changed, now it is moved to the bottom, while the Suunto 9 Baro has it on the left side. I mention this as an informative fact or fun fact, you can wear it on either hand, you can use it in any sport mode as the new location makes the altitude measurement much more stable and it cannot be altered by external conditions or skin/clothing rubbing against the sensor.


News and improvements: 

Suunto 9 Peak comes to expand the Suunto 9 family. The sleeker aesthetics, reduced size and reduced weight are aesthetic features that many customers who saw the Suunto 9 Baro as too big or heavy will not hesitate to opt for the Suunto 9 Peak.  The menus remain the same, we still can't plan workouts, listen to music and it doesn't have mapping or card payment. Improvements that I'm sure many Suunto users are looking forward to. But apart from the aesthetic changes, we can highlight the following improvements: 

BATTERY Same battery life as Suunto 9 Baro ( 14 days watch mode, 7 days with 24/7 tracking and mobile notifications. Training mode with GPS 25 h / 50 h / 120 h / 170 h) even having reduced the weight of the device by 20 gr. What I liked most, personally, is that in less than 1 hour we can have the device charged to 100%. Really fast and efficient battery charging. This improvement is a joy.

HR SENSOR: A new heart rate sensor has been incorporated, which improves the accuracy of the data. They are different sensors to those of Suunto 9 Baro and really this user will be incompatible with this technology but the S9P sensor works very very well.

. The averages are quite good, but it has given me some data, especially in maximum heart rate, which are wrong. I know that this already happened with the Suunto 9 baro sensor. It has not happened in all activities, only in some, but I will continue to pay attention to see that it is not a recurring error. Apart from the new HR sensor, a blood oxygen reading sensor has been incorporated. For all athletes or mountaineers who want to assess their adaptation and acclimatization at altitude. 

UPDATES: Downloading Suunto 9 Peak updates is now easier than ever. From the watch itself, without the need to connect it to a PC. In the settings menu, we find an option that informs us if we have any pending update, and if so, we simply select it and it is downloaded.


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