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Tacx NEO 2T + motion platform by Oriol Silvestre

Published on 27/04/2022 12:46



Review Tacx Neo 2T

Indoor cycling is a new sport, that's a fact. Gone are the days when the trainer was a simple "stopgap" for when it rained or it got dark and you had to save a workout. For a few years now, accelerated by the pandemic, indoor cycling has become a discipline on the same level as any other, such as MTB, Gravel, E-Bike... You only have to look at the events that have taken place in the last two years to see for yourself:

Indoor cycling world championships in Zwift (with participation of UCI World Tour riders).
Indoor Triathlon Super League (broadcast on TV and with more than 1MM€ in prize money.
Ironman VC: The Ironman racing circuit in Rouvy's simulator.
Amateur leagues of Zwift, Bkool, Rovy...

In addition, this discipline has a great advantage over the others: Accessibility.

You don't need a timetable, you don't depend on the weather, you don't have to pay to compete (beyond the product and the subscription to the platform), there are no test cancellations, you can compete any day at any time... There is no doubt that this is the discipline with the most possibilities and facilities and the big brands know this. Especially one of them: Garmin.

With the purchase of Tacx, Garmin provided the simulator brand with R&D resources that have positioned it at the forefront of simulators in the world for the last two years.

Its flagship product, Tacx NEO, now has the 2T Smart update to provide users with maximum realism in their training sessions.

Tacx Neo 2T Smart

Tacx NEO 2T Smart is the most accurate trainer in the world when it comes to simulating percentages, both positive (with ramps up to 25%) and negative (the trainer helps you pedal when the simulator is downhill).

With its slight rocking system, the roller will help you feel as if you were really on the road and, most importantly, it will allow you to push it to the maximum without the danger of damaging it when doing intervals of high force: you can sprint without fear.

Other notable features are the possibility of configuring the gear ratio (up to 3 sprockets; teeth per sprocket: adjustable between 22 and 53. Rear sprocket: up to 12 sprockets; teeth per sprocket: adjustable between 11 and 40.) and the possibility of configuring it from your smartphone or tablet.

A gadget designed for those who are looking for the maximum feeling of reality in their workouts. Tacx ..... connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device / tablet / pc and, depending on the degree of slope you are on in your training, it will incline frontally or laterally. This way you will feel every curve, every climb, every descent... The closest thing to riding on the road that you will find on a treadmill.

The future of indoor training?

We are undoubtedly facing a new world with a lot to innovate and discover both in simulators and rollers and accessories. The birth of world-class indoor competitions has undoubtedly brought the future forward and we must be very attentive to the innovations that brands such as Tacx / Garmin will offer us in this sector.

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