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My first marathon

Published on 27/06/2016 00:00

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I still remember my first marathon. For me it felt like jumping at the deep end when I started with long distance running. This helped me confront my mistakes not with fear, but with respect, while also learning from them. Over time I have extended my list that I would like to share with you today. I hope you will find guidance, which may help you in achieving your goals.


Make a list of the necessities:  ??Make a list of everything you should bring: Clothes, Food, bib number, etc. Knowing that you’re bringing everything will help you to relax. Remember to take your time when checking the list if you have to go shopping.

Don`t be creative: It is not recommended to use something you have not tested while training for the marathon. Whether that be equipment, food or hydration. It is better to leave the fewer things in the hands of chance.

Fuel your body:Take good care of your nutrition and hydration the days leading to the big day, especially from the night before and hours up to the competition.If you start the race with full tanks you will finish quicker.

Adore your pillow: Reduce the hours of training a few days before the competition, you deserve it, all the hard work is already done.Take the time to rest, stretch and finish reviewing the course.

Pamper your body: Moisturize your feet every night, especially the days before the competition; cut your nails days before the marathon, do not leave it until the last minute. If it is forecasted for sun, it is better to put sunscreen on at the day of the race.

Avoid chafing: Protect your nipples with two strips of adhesive tape in a cross and use some Vaseline in areas where you have some friction during workouts. The friction will create discomfort when constantly chafing.

Do not rush: Arrive early on the day of the race, you will have one less worry and you can enjoy the environment while you warm up. It will be a very special day that you aren’t going to forget easily.

Have fun and enjoy it: During the race: savor every kilometer; set yourself small goals and reward yourself. After 32 kilometers I eat my favorite energy bar to celebrate that I have run more than the half of the race.

Something more than water: Keep your body hydrated, if the body asks you for water it’s because you need it. Take small sips every 20 minutes approximately, alternating between isotonic drinks (to replenish electrolytes) and water.This will keep your body stable and delay fatigue of the muscles.

Plan your menu: Organize your eating plan while training for the race and remember to try everything you're going to consume before the race. It is important to replace the calories that you burn.Think: if you are a runner who weighs 70kg,you are going to consume more than 3000cal.

Work in thirds: Keep a constant rhythm that allows you to maintain a good pace. Starting too fast it can take its toll in the last kilometers. You have time, from kilometer 40 you have time to squeeze.

Apart from the comments above, do not forget what really matters and what any runner should keep handy: toilet paper prior to the squeeze, some money for the pre-race coffee and some safety pins to hold your number. Don´t be afraid of the wall, in order to relax, I take a deep breath and set off. Nothing is never what it seems.

Trasnalated by: Thomas Remmen

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