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Altra Paradigm 1.5 W

Published on 31/05/2016 00:00

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ZERO DROP Trainer, Maximum Cushioning


Technical assessment













Before going in detail, you have to take into account that we will have to make a small transition into the trainer, in order to adapt our body and tread to this form of shoe with ZERO DROP.  If we make a good transition, in 3 weeks we should be able to run more than 10 km in them without any problems. I recommendation: the first week go out every 2 days, the second week 30 minutes and as successive. In my case I have tried the trainer on soft ground, stones and asphalt, without problems to adapt.

The first feeling
The first feeling is that of a shoe with good cushioning and stability, especially on rocky roads thanks to a good grip across different surfaces.

The fit to the foot
At first glance, we see a wide shoe, but its interior shape isn’t as big. It is a trainer for those of you with narrow feet can take into account. It only offers more breadth there where it is necessary, allowing the toes to move freely

Performance during the race
On the other hand, it appears to be a big and heavy trainer, but in fact they are light and very comfortable. I have run several races continuing with fast paces with them and they feel really good.

The area where I live is full of dirt tracks and these trainers have been a breakthrough in terms of cushioning, stability and comfort; as well as on asphalt. Their good damping will allow you to increase the amount of training without overloading the calf.

The “Drop” is the difference from others on the market. Its ZERO DROP is going to allow you to have a landing with far less impact, such that its structure will help you to improve your posture and tread, during the race. Sure enough, you will find and develop many and multiple feelings during the impact from the foot hitting the ground.


In my opinion we are before a highly recommended shoe for the use in mixed terrain: asphalt and dirt running competitions and even long distance. It may not be a very aesthetically pleasing model compared with trendsetting shoes now, but is that what we look for now when we run?

Traslated by Max Wright

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Ahora mismo soy fundadora y entrenadora de un equipo de triatlón , tri-4.40 , y me gustaría que en unos años este equipo fuera muy numeroso en categorías menores. Hacerles crecer como deportistas y vivir con ellos y ellas esta emoción que siento por este deporte. Amo el deporte y es mi pasión!!!!

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