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Salomon X-ULTRA 2 GTX

Published on 01/06/2016 00:00

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The ideal shoe for your outdoor adventures. The French brand makes clear ´adapted trail running technology to hiking´ and to be fair, it has a point: The new Salomon X-Ultra collect the best features of trail running shoes and the needs of a good hiking shoe. The result is a versatile, comfortable and light shoe.


Technical assessment













It may a superficial aspect, but one of the aspects which I like to highlight from Salomon is having brought to the world of trekking the colour and comfort of its running shoes. So, as a runner, I appreciate very much the first feeling being the comfort and a good fit.

Laces and fit
The laces consist of a “Quick Lace” System, which is lighter faster and more secure than the conventional laces. At the same time, the structure of the upper shoe portion causes the slack will adapt to the foot. On the other hand, if you are narrow footed, you will have to tighten them a lot if you want to notice the good support.

Referring to the lacing system, it is important that you can hide the leftover piece of the lace in the pocket of the tab, in this way we will avoid snagging, and with that: the danger of falling.

Cushioning and Comfort.
Firstly, it is appreciated to take into account their lightness, which added to the grip, are the two factors that have made it one of my favorite shoes for fast paced excursions. And on the other hand, its comfort and good cushioning have also become part of my everyday use, such that you never know, but… What if I’m going mountain climbing after work?

Sole grip
The distribution, dimension and shape of the studs on the sole make this a very versatile shoe, with a good performance over different surfaces, from the wide tracks of compacted ground, to the adventures of rocky terrain, proving a good grip on all of these. I have just appreciated a lack of grip, making the transition between snow and granitic rock, but not over the top.

That grip, is also appreciated going downhill, where the stud distribution, with a change in direction from the middle of the sole, and the small notch on the heel; increase the contact surface to grip and convey a great sense of security. Of which I’m grateful, because I am of those who doesn’t pass yup the opportunity at downhill running when the trail gets appetizing.

But: What does it mean if I need these features in more technical and steep terrain?
Its older brother has the solution; Salomon has created the same model with a higher ankle which is going to offer you an extra protection and support necessary for such outings.

Protection and Stability
The sole goes up the front of the toe to improve grip on climbs, this is mounted on the rubber protections which protect the whole profile of the show and our foot from the different element that we find along the way.

Another interesting aspect is the stabilising system in the heel and middle of the shoe. This structure offsets the flexibility of the trainer and improves its stability and response.

Water Resistance and Breathability
Despite relying on the “Gore-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear” membrane which guarantees a good water resistance, you have to highlight that it doesn’t go against the breathability. So after using it under temperatures of 27ºC, the sensations of comfort are not excessively impaired.


The profile type is for the hiker who likes to go fast comfortably, on terrains of moderate or more technical difficulty. Also I would advise to those who are looking for a comfortable or waterproof shoe for your weekend getaways to nature.


*Very versatile trainer
*Great breathability
*Good grip
*Very comfortable


*It is thought for people with medium width feet, if you have very narrow feet it may be difficult to adjust

Tell us your experience.

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