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Doble Zoom Air - Nike Pegasus 33

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Maintaining the versatility of one of its star models, the new Pegasus is reinvented in order to improve its lightness and cushioning. In them, the conventional air cushioning is updated with “Zoom Air” range and incorporated first in the metatarsal area.


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At first glance, the trainer maintains the aesthetics of its predecessor line, so it might seem like we are looking at the Pegasus 32. But as we get closer, the small modifications which optimize the design are rapidly appreciated, improving its performance.

First feelings:
As we pick them up, the first feelings are that of lightness and comfort, but now we have to put them on and start running. When putting the shoe in, it is confirmed that the Pegasus 33 are perfected to it, without noticing any seems, wrinkle or excess pressure in any area, a good point before starting.

The top part and the lacing
The mesh which defines the “upper” is breathable and flexible, adapting to the movement and deformation caused while running smoothly.

To achieve this adjustment, Nike has incorporated some “Flywire” threads to the grid, linking the instep of the foot with the sole, intertwining with the laces. By pulling them, the foot receives a better fit in the area which the runner needs. On the other hand, responding to the demand for some users, a lace hole has also been incorporated on the part closest to the ankle for better grip at this point if the runner sees it necessary.

Referring to the laces, they are round with an empty core, a type of structure which prevents them getting loose when you are out, and if you are a runner who enjoys going out at night, it also has a reflective heel in order to improve the visibility and safety during the race.

One of the most important novelties is the incorporation of the “Zoom Air” cushioning also in the front of the shoe. The “Zoom Air” consists of an airtight bag containing compressed air and a set of fibers, which offer a soft but responsive cushioning. This area of the foot is one which receives more impact to the round if you run on your toes, and it is appreciated that the brands start to focus efforts on this area without forgetting the heel, and the fact of the matter is that as you start running more and more, you will notice a better cushioning at this point and a good reactivity.

The tread of the shoe on asphalt and compact ground it performs very well, and the motive is that they are small modifications which have been brought to which have been made in the distribution of the studs and its shape. Nike has substituted the rectangular studs for ones more pentagonal in order to offer a better traction in all directions. In this way, you have been able to eliminate part of the sole between the studs and with that, increase the surface in contact with the ground without losing flexibility.

Crossing the sole from heel to toe, we find the "Creash Rail", a common element in this model and whose objective is to guide the runners start to have grip during his race across the ground.


Rhythms which perform well:
After trying them at different paces, the sensations are that of being faced by a shoe which works well in both recovery runs to gain volume outputs, training and racing periods. In short, a very versatile shoe.

Recommended profile
From a runner’s profile would be recommended this shoe is one that seeks a versatile shoe that works for both training and competing. Since its services are able to meet the needs of a runner to someone who wants to run 5km in less than 4min/km.

Highlighted Aspects:
*Reflective panel on the heel area
*Good grip

*In the first kilometers, the area where the front cushioning is too much appreciated, but over the kilometers this feeling disappears.


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