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Published on 28/06/2016 00:00

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An ergonomic and lightweight backpack which can be adjusted easily. It has multiple front pockets with easy access to store energy bars and gels, and a big pocket at the back. It comes with two 500 ml water bottles.


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Inov 8 is a british business, founded in 2003. We know them for their minimalist trainers but also for the clothes and backpacks they produce for trail running.

First Glance:
Its more than a backpack, it’s a vest, as the name tells us in English. It is easy to adjust any part of the vest to fit the body, thanks to its many adjustable straps. It has 4 front pockets where you can store energy gels and bars to use during training or in races. When you first put it on, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything, and the 500ml bottles are easy to take out and put in the front pockets.

No word of a lie, it’s the most comfortable backpack I have every tried. It fits like a glove to the body and you almost don’t notice you are wearing it. Even with the bottles filled with fluids, it doesn’t move about and I have worn it for 6 hours straight without any chafing or discomfort.

The pockets for the flasks are positioned at the front of the backpack, just under the armpits, and the bottles are 500ml each, with an ease to take out and then put back in pockets. If you don’t like the bottles or need more liquids, there’s also the possibility to carry a reservoir in this bag, but you won’t be able to fit any other things in the back pocket.

Compartments and Extras:
It has 4 front pockets, besides the two flask pockets (6 in total), and a bigger pocket at the back. Although this is small, it allows us to fit many things: trousers, gloves, head lamp and other things which may be needed in the mountains.

On the exterior, there is an elastic chord, which makes a zig zag from top to bottom, perfect for putting your windstoppers, Moreover, in the part there are also 4 smaller chords in order to keep poles and in the front part we find a whistle, which is obligatory in the majority of mountain races.

Race Performance:
After carrying it for 6 hours, I can’t complain about anything. I have been able to store all my energy gels and bars which I have wanted to carry and at the end of the race I didn’t get any chafing.

Resistance and Durability:
The vest is made with Nylon, Polyester and Elastane. I believe this backpack will last a long time. After having used this during the last month, it still seems new. The flasks I think will last quite a bit less, as I have started to have problems so that one of them closes properly.


The Runner Profile
For runners who are looking for lightness and comfort. The backpack doesn’t have a lot space, so I recommend it for races up to a maximum of 6-8 hours, being ideal for races around 4 hours long.

Aspects For:
*Light and comfortable
*Adjustable to every part of the body
*Frontal pockets in order to store energy bars and gels.

Aspects Against:
*The back pocket is a little small
*Difficult to screw on the lid of the flasks
*I would like that there would be a “safer” pocket in order to save car keys, mobile phone etc.

Translated by Xavier VIllasevil Pau

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