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Xperience survives the Garmin Challenge

Publikationsdatum 17/06/2016 00:00

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Today we present you with a brief adventure summary that the Brand GARMIN organized on the 7 and 8 June in el Montanyà , where a US Army soldier recruited us to live a day full of thrills.


During the event, we got the opportunity to know the news that the brand prepares for the coming months, which as the products arrive, they certainly don’t leave us feeling indifferent, and to try the latest gadgets presented by the brand in the fitness and mountaineering sector.

As it couldn’t be any other way, the material test bore the seal of GARMIN and at 8am we found ourselves in the middle of the mountains with one goal: to return to the meeting point with only help of their devices.

Section 1: Race 7km in buggies guided with the Etrex35

ETREX35: This is a touchscreen device, which has a perfect size which makes it the ideal companion for your mountain excursions, bicycle races and all those activities where you may need a GPS which allows you to follow a track, in a car as well on bike, and if it were necessary to pair it with a HR band.

Section 2: After passing the first test, leave the buggies and prepare for the next leg, this time accompanied with the FENIX3 and the new 735XT and seeing as there’s no vehicle they will help us run!

FENIX3 HRfor me, one of the brand’s best devices, it goes on your wrist and has all the features you could need in the mountains and during training. With it, you can follow routes, train and control your daily activity and much more.

735XT HR: it’s small, light and comes with an integrated HR sensor all in the same device. It offers all you could ask for in a mid-distance triathlon. It is the smaller brother which lacked the 920XT lacked.

Section 3: The test was hard but following the track in the FENIX3 HR, while controlled our pulses, we managed to reach the 3rd and final stage. There the task was clear: bikes, an Edge 1000 GPS, VARIA rearview radar, and VISION in-sight display.

EDGE 1000: A light device with a large screen, with route guidance for roads as well as in the mountains and direct sync to you mobile phone, VISION and VARIA.

VARIA VISON: Do you imagine looking at a screen in front of your glasses? This GARMIN accessory does just that, and also gives good feelings for the user.

VARIA REARVIEW RADAR:  The first security radar for cyclists and it doesn’t just warn you about the distance from the cars behind, but also it emits more intense light up signals if the vehicles get to close.

More pictures: 

A spectacular race which brought us back to base, remaining vigilant… Well, GARMIN has big surprises for the coming months.

Thanks to GARMIN for letting us participate in the day event.

Traslated by Max

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