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Cebes on the road – Project Japan 2016

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Miriam and Paula began with of the most important challenge in their life, arriving in Japan with only the help of their bicycles, their legs, their love for the sport, and adventure. We give you the first part of their travel diaries:


27.03: The day has come, so after making photos … we started cycling from Girona to Figueres, to visit family that lives there before leaving … However, complications arose, the flu virus left Paula KO for a few days.

4.04: A base of soup and hours of bed rest …. Saved the situation, leaving the flu in Empordà we finally made way to France, jumping on the back of Banyul until the coast. There some kilometers of asphalt awaited us next to the coast. It was a few days of adapting, the body adapted well and we moved happily to our next goal. Next stop, Italy.

8.4: The road to Italy was rough and spectacular, we were able to go along the coast but we were not going to pass the opportunity to go through the Alps … Here the roads are the busiest, however the people are chatty and friendly. And if we add Parmesan cheese and spaghetti ... we are convinced that we will have a good trip to Italy.

11.04: following the appetite from the previous log, we could not leave the country without tasting a ¨gelato¨ in Cremona and a good ¨cappuccino¨ in Mantova. We believe after traveling hundreds of kilometers by yellow and green fields, visiting small villages with bell towers of disproportionate sizes and talking to open and friendly people, we deserved it. So with full tanks, we headed to Lake Garda, were we enjoyed the landscape for a bit before reaching Verona. Look at the photos which are spectacular!

15.04: we arrived in Verona, now that we mastered Italian it the perfect time to say goodbye. We have crossed Italy from west to east, entering in Cruneo and leaving at Gorizi. It was a few kilometers without much difficulty that allowed us to go in a light pace. In this country it shows the passion for cycling, which is deeply rooted in the culture for many years. There are many bike lanes in every village, with some that mix with the known European EUROVELO routes. This route brought us from Montava to Lake Garda, a beautiful lake that is worth visiting in low season, because with good weather it is filled with tourists.


20.04: We have been in Slovenia and we can already tell you four things about this country. As we told you before Italy was simple, but when we crossed the border we were met with deadly slopes that you do not know how to tackle them … but we did not give up, after some sweaty shirts we got to the top. The difficult climb was compensated with a spectacular mosaic of green hues, high mountains, and endless descents to enjoy. We must say that in the rural areas of this country is a handicap, but based on gestures, drawings, and impossible silhouettes we managed to maintain the occasional conversation.

24.04: April is ending and the truth is that we found out that ¨April rains everyday¨ is true. It has been a few kilometers since left Gerona and we have found out that the waterproof tents and saddlebags perfectly withstand water. And because of this, it has saved us from a bad cold. So after this brief interlude and a visit to Lake Bohing in the National Parl of Triglav, we headed to the capital of Slovenia, Ljublijana, which is a modern capital with a university atmosphere and a reference as a friendly city for cyclists.


A brief summary of the month May.

Translated by Rebbeca

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