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Arch Max Ungravity 3L

Published on 11/07/2016 00:00

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A very light hydration vest with a spectacular fit. The 3L capacity of the Ungravity vest gives many thanks to its perfect distribution.


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We have here in our hands the Ungravity 3L hydration vest from the company Arch Max. It is a business from Barcelona, which started fabricating sports socks designed for the prevention of blisters. With time, they have been increasing their range of products, always faithful to their thought process: Functional material thought by athletes, for athletes.

First Impressions
The guys at Arch Max have managed to be unnoticeable to the eye and effortlessly, the main feature of this hydration vest: lightness. Size S-M weighs 100g and M-L 112g, truly spectacular! Once we put it on, its lightness becomes even more apparent. The adjustment is found on the front of the vest through two straps, with three possible positions, providing a surprising fit. This is due to the absence of hard materials in its structure (theses are only present in the strap adjustment clasps and the rear zipper). Forgetting that you’re wearing anything is simple to do.

The Ungravity is designed so that the lower part of the vest, the belt, is area in charge of adapting to the movement of the body due to the elastic materials used for its construction. Body adaptation of the vest is surprising, but you must correctly choose the size to be optimal, is very important

I have tried the vest with and without the necessary material for a race of up to approximately 6 hours long and the result is the same, there is no movement, everything is perfectly fitted.

How the Hydration System Works
The vest is designed to carry two soft water containers of a 500ml, but the 250ml also fit very well. The bottle pockets are on the front and they have two rubber rings inside to insure that they don’t slip once they have been emptied, you don’t have to take them out to drink them.

In addition to the front drums, it is also possible to keep another container in the back of the backpack which offers a total capacity of 1.5L of fluids. Referring to the possibility of inserting a hydration bag, I don´t think it’s the right thing for this vest, as it’s not designed for this purpose.


Compartments and Extras
This vest has 8 pockets in total, distributed as follows:
On the front, it has two pockets to carry water flasks in the upper part, and two pockets in the lower part. These two pockets close without any zipper, the top of these are elastic and close with the simple adaptation to the body vest. The capacity of these two pockets is generous, capable of holding energy gels and bars, but I have tried and it fits up to a wind stopper. On the side there are two more vest pockets, with a capacity of around half that of the front, one on each side. The closure system is the same as the front, the elastic closes the vest pockets and makes sure that the contents inside do not move around. These two pockets have a handle on top for easy access.

In the back, there are two pockets more: a large pocket, the only part with a zip, it is subdivided inside into three smaller pockets to organize the required material for a race and be able to show it without removing it. In addition, this allows perfectly fitted material through the top of the backpack without opening the zipper.

In the smaller pocket on the back, you find the last pocket, without a closure, as in the front and side, the material subject to the pressure of the vest to the body. This is the pocket with the most capacity, ideal for windstopper jackets. You can access it without problems, nor the need to stop and add material.

This vest is not adapted to carry poles, but ArchMax has the Belt Pro to solve this problem, so if you are one of those who uses then, it will be a perfect compliment.

As an observation, I have to say that this vest comes without any hydration system, so if you already have soft flasks, then great, otherwise you will have to buy them separately.

A security measure is available as it comes with a whistle, built into the front of the vest.

 Race Performance
I have tried it in various races, one of which lasting nearly lasting 6 hours, and the truth is that it gave a good impression. I have to say that it has not caused me any friction or marks, it fit perfectly during the race.

It’s a very breathable vest, but if you carry a mobile phone (normally I carry it in the front part of the vest) it gets damp; therefore I recommend a cover to protect it. In the race I carried a bottle in the front pocket and at times it was bothering me, so I recommend not taking anything hard that we can stick in the front pocket.

Resistance and Durability
After various races, the vest still looks as good as new. It still fits and adapts perfectly and you don’t even realize you are wearing it.

User Profile
This vest is a good option for runners who like to feel free and comfortable and in for this who like to run in the mountains with the sufficient and necessary materials.

In the Transvulcania this year, a 74km mountain race, Luis Alberto used the Arch Ungravity Max; this could be a perfect example of Ultra where the Ungravity would be ideal, because the required material is basic and has points of supplies. For other models of Ultra, despite the distribution of the vest it is very good, they don’t stop at 3L, and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for long distance races and self-sufficiency or those where the weather is adverse, because if it were to carry spare clothing with protection against the rain and cold, it will not fit in well.

Aspects for:
*Light and comfortable
*Great use and distribution of storage capacity
*Perfect Fit (choosing the right size)

Aspects against:
*Water bottles not included
*No pole carrying students
*Lacks a front zip pocket and moisture protection to carry phone

Translated by Max Wright


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