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We corss the border in van...

Published on 05/08/2016 00:00

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Bureaucracy, failure, vans, Poles by bike .... this week has been a bit ´complicated for Paula and Miriam, but as always they´ve continue their trip, overcoming the problems with a smile and with the desire to fulfill their dream! Do not miss the summary of their adventures.


After Baikal, we hopped on a train that will bring us to Ulaan Ude and from there we start pedaling again towards the border with Mongolia. Now that we've got the hang of this Russian trains it seems so simple, arrivals started pedaling destination for increasingly hot kilometers and we are forced to seek shelter in the shadows to not become fried eggs. At dusk within a wheel Paula has said enough and as hazing ... we have no tools to remove the wheel and change, fortunately the universe made us a little help again.

We lift our heads and a couple of ‘God given’ Polish cyclists come flying from out of nowhere. In a flash we have the spokes changed and wheel aligned. The problem now is that dirt has entered the shaft and does not rotate like it should, so we have to get to Ulaan Bataar to fix everything. Once fixed, we'll share a few kilometres with our saviours and the border separated.

Thanks to "bureaucracy tossers," you can only cross the border with a motor vehicle, so a huge business for taxi drivers is generated. On leaving the supermarket located before the border, a Mongolian man offered to help in exchange for a little money. Well aren’t they clever ... The idea is that we put bikes into the van and after 4 hours of queuing and border controls, we make it across to Mongolia. Besides time, everything goes smoothly, we are in the country, it is night and we find an isolated place with people camping. The night is cool and only horses heard conversing amongst each other.

We woke up in the morning really early to make the most of the few hours of cool temperatures before the sun starts to rise, then all of a sudden, CRACK!, the defective wheel hub locks up. With the help of a Russian van driver, we try to solve something, but after a few failed attempts, there remains just one option to raise a finger and hope that a van will bring us to the city.

We just arrived in Darjan, raging for having not being able to cycle the precious road that we travelled along in a van. From here, the plan is to take a train to the capital and search for a mechanic who can help us repair the wheel. In Darian, we will visit a Buddha statue and we will integrate with the people and the environment.


After two hours, we  managed get the lady to understand that we wanted two tickets for two people and two bikes, but keeping calm and a nice smile it went well and finally we were able to arrive at the capital. We showered there, which was needed, and we went out on the search for a mechanic. The task involved us scouring half the city, but finally we found small workshop where two incredibly skilled Mongolians leave us bicycles as new.

It’s very easy to substitute parts; the complicated thing is repairing them and these two are authentic parts. They recommend that we change the gears and chains, so we left them with the bikes and tomorrow we will come back to collect them.

And now… one of the trickiest, long-winded and complicated bureaucratic processes starts, obtaining a Chinese visa. A lot of preparation, nerves and hours of waiting, but finally we passed the test and we feel FREE! 5 days and the visa will be ours!

Eating in restaurants is a pleasure, but the “vegetarian” concept seems to make them find it hard to understand… They have a lot of meat, but fruit and vegetables is a type of luxury.


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