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The Inov Terraclaw 250 have arrived

Published on 24/08/2016 00:00

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I’m not going to talk to you about its technical specifications, because they’re at your fingertips with the click of a button on any search engine, nor about its 8mm Drop, nor its low profile which lightens the tread, nor its studded sole formed in a V shape with a DUAL-C material giving you a cat’s foot style so that you have a great perception of the terrain that you tread but without discomfort or pain, and with great durability. I will speak to you about thoughts and results…


Technical assessment









Wet traction


Dry Traction


We have the INOV TERRACLAW 250… Making me return to enjoy the mountain and running.

After months of drought on the mountain, due to lack of motivation and desire, for not finding a trainer that will adapt my needs (long and narrow foot with a tendency of the dread plantar fasciitis) the INOV TERRACLAW 250s fell into my hands.

At first sight the design and its colours suit it very well with the latest trends, but when you take the… one of the only things that feel like doing is testing if something that light and flexible fares that well in the mountain, transforming into speed and grip. And YES! They do!

They are very versatile trainers which adapt so much at the height of the mountain (areas with loose stones) like the snow, forests, drops and tall grass, wet grounds, sludge and track (maybe this last one will be the least advised use).

For my running style, I don’t feel comfortable with such wide trainers, neither with so much but nor excessively rigid. The INOV’s have a solid central structure which gives you even more confidence on the track but at the time are extremely flexible, allowing you to find support points in each nook.

During the test period, they past 3 quick-fire tests:
Snow! Short run along the port d’en Vallira en Andorra. Spring snow-running, with a mixture of snow, ice and water which turns the ground into a mixture of mud and an ice rink,

Result: The Terraclaws are able to dig in their studs and give you the firm feeling you need to give a safe and rapid stride.

2nd: Trail-running on a medium altitude mountain: Berga Trail 14km. We put them to the test in a mountain race between 800m and 1800m high, a very technical terrain with steep climbs and descents ravines, loose rocks, meadows and mountain steps.

Result: High stability and fantastic traction on the climbs, most stone walls, some of them wet because of the rain the night before (we note that the material used for the sole, is the same as for cat feet in escalations). The INOV for its great flexibility and adaptability, offers a quick response with loose rock, slopes and ravines, since they provide great stability to the runner and it becomes confidence in the tread. They finished on the PODIUM!

3rd: High altitude, BUFF epic trail ½ marathon. This test took place in Aiguestortes, where its versatility, lightness, low profile, its studiously placed studs in order to not accumulate material in amongst them and to avoid added weight, its DUAL zone on the sole which gives for a more “intelligent” stride, without loading up on conflictive areas like metatarsals or plantar fascia, and breathability of the shoe, which makes even finishing the race about 32º temperature, your feet are dry ... All this allowed me to make a vertical KM (1000m incline at around 2.5 km) between stones, tall grass and rocky areas ending in a very aerial crest of technical and arid land, where only a few can run and finish 6.5km slides down by wet meadows, canyons with steep slopes and shaded trails.

Result: The safety and confidence made me forget about "skidding" ?? And enjoy the most of this race and the route, unfinished or with sore feet and knowing that I have shoes for many km over mountains!


Runner profile:
I would recommend this shoe for runners from 55-60kg for distances of no more than 22-23km along technical terrain, avoiding tracks, with narrow foot and neutral footprint.

Points in favor:

* Flexibility.
* Breathability
* Structure and traction.

* Resistance fabric or material (toe caps off easily)
* Low damping metatarsal area.
* Doesn’t have a lace pocket, much needed in the mountains.

Translated by Max Wright

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