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Bikes workshop in the middle of Mongolia, By Cebes

Published on 26/08/2016 00:00

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While we were waiting for the new bottom bracket, we visited the city and explored the area. Next to Ulaan Battar is the Tsetse Guun, a sacred peak of 2200m and we decided to climb to the top. Well, that was the intention because it was around 30 degrees at 10a.m in the morning, so we decided to go down for soaking in the Tull of "Kilian", a bath where the Mongols of the capital spent the time during the hot days to cool off.


After a few days with our bikes and the Chinese visa stamped on the passport, we rode a small circular route around the country, to see if we could find anything else – direction west.

Once we got out of town alive, traffic disappeared and some cows appeared in the middle of the road, that's a good sign. Dogs became aggressive and it seemed that bikes got them even more nervous. The secret, keep the same pace and never look at them while your heart is beating faster...

Just before the end of the day, we've got a pleasant surprise: A herd of camels were grazing beside us, so we stopped to take some pictures.

The road went up and down because ot the geography of the country. We were entertained by watching goats and sheep, people from cars encouraged us, gave us water, offered transportation etc... They must have thought that we were crazy. Suddenly, the stretch of asphalt disappeared and the road became different, paths that went in the same direction. Welcome to Paradise.

We entered to the Orkhon River valley, full of berries and trees; it seemed like an oasis in the desert. The map indicated that we were crossing a bridge, but there was none. But local people took the opportunity and built a platform to cross. After a harsh negotiation, we reached the other side. The terrain was swampy, so if you didn't have a good 4x4 it could go very wrong, fortunately we were on foot.

We were 45km to the next town so we decided to camp and sleep here; supplies were scarce because we have had over 170km without finding a shop.

After a hard 6h stage with headwind got Battsengel, we skirted the Tamir river valley and entered the first shop we found. The lady got scared. “We want this, and this, and this ... that hunger!” In the town all children were surprised of the bicycles that halt and changed gears.  At the end, we organized a mechanic workshop in the town square before going to Tserseleg.

In the evening, we left the dirt trails and headed back to the main road, at Tserseleg we visited the Buddhist temple and we planned to find a place to camp. While we were camping, a girl who was curious about bicycles, invited us to breakfast next morning. The night was very cold and the tent got frozen with us inside.

The hospitality of these people was gorgeous; Paula has eaten a few Mongolians luxury artisans’ noodles while Miriam looked at it from afar. Being a vegetarian in this country is not easy. Finally we said goodbye and headed to Karakorum.

Now we were coming back to Ulaan Bataar, we entertained ourselves watching small villages, monasteries, camels, yaks, goats, horses, food, rivers and peculiar people. Mongolia had fascinated us, but we missed a lot, like our bread with tomatoes.

We will see you in the next post.


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