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Arch Max Archfit Ungravity socks

Published on 01/09/2016 00:00

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Arch Max Archfit Ungravity socks offer us: lightness, breathability, comfort, a great fit and protection in just 9g fabric. What more can we ask for?


Technical assessment











Slip prevention


To be honest with you, I don’t used to spend much time choosing athletic socks.  I think that it is a common mistake among athletes who dedicate many hours a year doing sport, and while protecting our feet is very important, we almost grant 100% of this responsibility at the sports shoes.  So we should spend a little more time choosing socks tailored to our needs.

First impressions
As you can see in the pictures, I tried the Archfit Ungravity socks in blue. But you can find it in different colors, in that case you can also find it in black, pink and yellow.  After the color, the next thing that struck me was that it is a very fine sock and with the hot weather during summer in Girona, I thought they were going to be great!

The socks are well presented with a cardboard flyer to explain archfit technology and injuries that can be prevented using this sock.  After this explanation, my desire to wear them grew suddenly!

Adjust the foot and compression
As I mentioned before, this sock is extremely light. When you put it on, you can feel its comfort and excellent fit and how the Archfit technology is evident from the first moment on. The sock has an elastic protection around the ankle area, down to the plantar arch, and two strips on the instep. This elastic band is black and its function helps the sock to fit the foot.

This elastic protection does a slight pressure on the plantar arch, lifting it up slightly and thereby allowing a natural cushioning for the foot. This slight pressure on the plantar arch has another function, prevent plantar fasciitis. By surrounding our foot at the rear, it also helps to protect the Achilles tendon. If you have ever twisted your ankle and had to use taping, you have seen that the bandage passes through the same area as the elastic band of the sock.

With this information, I decided to look for a professional opinion and I presented this sock to my physiotherapist, she tried it and told me that she liked the philosophy of the sock and she thought that it could really prevent injuries, without considering external agents, so the pressure exerted by the elastic band over the foot will not prevent us from twisting the ankle by a misstep, but it can help us to avoid overloading the Achilles tendon.

In short: the Archfit Ungravity sock is very comfortable and has an excellent fit. We will notice only a slight pressure on the elastic band but the rest of the foot will have complete freedom!

Water and sweat absorption
The Archfit Ungravity is fine and fresh so it is also suitable for hot weather season. I'm not a runner who sweats too much ... unless running in the middle of August at 16.00h! But I think that everybody sweats a lot with the temperatures that lay Girona during this time period. Having said that, these socks have kept my foots perfectly dry and have managed to successfully evacuate sweat.

Because they are so thin, they don’t soak easily, and if we have to cross a river, the feeling of having the feet wet disappears faster.


Odor absorption
Mmm, here I have to give a negative point to these socks. I’m not used to have odor problems with the rest of socks that I have, obviously my socks don’t smell like roses after running, but the Ungravity Archfit gave off a strange cheese flavor that almost left me KO! Joking aside, the odor is not a strong point of these socks, so in my opinion this is a point to improve by Arch Max.

A Protection
These are a minimalist socks, so they don’t have a lot of protection or cushioning. But I haven’t had problems of sores, chafing or other discomfort, it's almost like running barefoot but with the necessary protection of the foot because they absorb the sweat and keep your feet dry. My experience is that I felt very comfortable with them, and I have used them in a variety of trainings: 10km on flat, medium mountain marathon, mountain marathon and cycling and I felt my feet comfortable without signs of chafing. So despite not having additional protections they have given me good result in this section.

Long socks usually don’t last long with me, I used to break them in the area of ??the big toe, left and right alike. But after 100 km with the Ungravity Archfit, they are already holed on the big toe of the left foot, and wear is apparent in the fabric of the sock in several areas except the band.  The elastic band works like on the first day and the sock is still adjusting perfectly.

User profile wich are intended:
Ungravity Archfit socks are very comfortable and lightweight, with an excellent fit and good breathability.  The Archfit protection technology allows any runner to use them to prevent possible injuries, a little help never hurts. But my recommendation would be for runners who like the feeling of the ground, who use flying shoes and like thin socks. Therefore, these socks are perfectly and meet the needs of minimalist runners who want to feel free.

Aspects favor:
* Fit
* Archfit Technology
* Breathability

Aspects against:

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