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Hiker, mountain climber, alpinist. This is your wa

Published on 13/09/2016 00:00

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The Suunto Traverse is the watch for mountain lovers. If what you like is going to the mountain to enjoy the landscape, and to save your route with all possible information, or follow a fixed route, Suunto TRAVERSE is your watch.


Technical assessment

GPS Reception












Suunto TRAVERSE is a "multisport" watch for mountaineers.  This is a light clock with a good design, comfortable and easy to wear.  The silicone strap works very well, better than other straps used on the older models of the same brand.

The screen visibility is very good in different lighting situations.  We could highlight that "in negative way" the two spheres, the outer and inner, take up much space and reduce the usable size of it.

Strength and durability

The battery durability, in clock mode, is around a week. But if we make an intense day of activity, the duration is reduced to 10 or 100h, depending on the recording frequency of the position.

First steps and configuration
After a few minutes fiddling the clock, we got to know that the buttons are large and well differentiated. We can set our data: weight, height, year of birth and select different profiles: hiking, running, etc. The clock does not create new profiles but we can do it from the Movescount software.

We can switch the vibration function for alerts on or off, just by pressing a button and configuring the screens we want to visualize quickly, such as time display, altimeter, compass, daily steps, etc.

Software and connection: The watch synchronizes with pods and mobiles with Bluetooth technology, but you will need the USB connection if you want to connect the watch with your table PC or Mac.  On the other hand, you must download the Movescount App to synchronize and set up the watch correctly from your phone or computer.

Suunto movescount will make a video summary of your activity to share with your friends.

Accuracy of GPS / GLONASS signal, altimeter and barometer
The watch sets a very fast connectivity with satellites, about less than 5 seconds. But watch out! The recording of the route starts automatically once satellites have been found.

The altimeter precision is very accurate, compared to my oldest Suunto, the accuracy is much better. But if you want a highly possible precision, it is necessary to calibrate the exact known altitude before the route.

Tracking Routes
You can send the track to your watch and follow it without problems, by visualizing the waypoints, previously established, (You can record up to 250 PDI) and view the information about distance and altitude.

Since the last update, it also offers you the ability to surf for the altimetry graph while you’re following. But remember that you can’t use cartography base on it, the clock only shows you the track, the direction and your position, so following a track gets a bit more difficult.


Compatible Accessories
It has a Heart Rate function with Suunto Smart Sensor, which will allow us to register our heart rate during our activities, even while swimming.
SmartWach Functions
The watch has the ability to show you mobile alerts, such as messages or calls on its screen. .

Tracking features daily activity
It has an accelerometer to control the number of steps taken and calories burned every day. Trasverse will force you to move if you’re too long quiet.

User profiles that recommend the product:
For me, it is a watch designed for non-competitive mountaineers, walkers, hikers, climbers, etc.

In favor:
* GPS accuracy and speed.
* Recording routes and planning.
* Display on the computer and creating 3D animations.

* Small screen

My height

1.76 m

My weight

73 kg

My clothing size


My birthplace

Catalunya (España)

Me gusta salir al monte y descubrirlo en todas sus modalidades deportivas, y más importante todavía, descubrir todas las caras que nos ofrece, ya sea primavera, verano, otoño o invierno.

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